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How to keep fashionable and trendy sari for your daughter for years?

For any Indian woman, there is nothing like a beautiful saree that she had worn in various special occasions in her life. A saree can conjure up a lot of nice memories; they can also give rise to many more new ones. Hence it is no wonder that many women want to pass on their best sarees to their daughters. However, to do so, it is of absolute importance to maintain sarees in the right manner so that their glamour remains intact even after many years. Maintaining sarees for a long time can be a tricky thing, particularly for those who are not well aware of how to do so and tend to keep a saree in the wardrobe in the same way that they would do with any other piece of clothing.

There have been many times when women have experienced the surprise of seeing a saree ruined due to lack of maintenance. It is not just sufficient to keep a saree in a trunk on the back of a room after wearing it a few times; every type of saree comes with its very own maintenance and preservation techniques. This article will tell you how to maintain a fashionable and trendy sari so that it is in the best condition even after several years.

Preserving cotton sarees

Cotton sarees are some of the most widely worn garments in India, due to the fact that they are extremely comfortable and versatile. Read on to know about how to preserve them for long durations of time.

  • Dark shaded cotton sarees tend to lose color when they are washed. Hence make sure that you do not wash two different sarees together. The cotton sarees should always be washed separately on cold water.
  • Avoid soaking your favorite cotton saree in the water for long periods as this will ruin it permanently.
  • Dry your cotton sarees in shade and avoid the sun altogether.
  • Use starch to retain the look and feel of your cotton sarees. This would help in maintaining their shine as if they are brand new.

Fashionable hand painted patachitra sarees

Preserving silk sarees

Silk sarees are often a matter of pride for a woman. Hence it is very important to preserve their looks for many years to come. Have a look at the different ways in which you can keep the look of a silk saree intact.

  • Avoid using soap while cleaning a silk saree at the very beginning. Instead, soak the saree in salt water of medium temperature for about 20 to 30 minutes; then rinse the saree with cold water. Use plain water to wash it a few times and then clean it by using mild detergent quickly. Start with the pallu and then the border; then gradually move onto the main body. Do not scrub with a brush or bundle it. Once washed, dry the saree by hanging it.
  • If you have got stains in your silk saree, then make use of lime juice to remove them. Simply add some lime juice to water and then use it to remove the stains from the silk sarees. Make sure that you remove the lime water completely just after you are done as it tends to fade the coloring of the saree. In case you are dealing with a stubborn stain, then you can soak that particular spot with petrol and gently scrub it with a soft cloth or a brush.
  • When it comes to ironing your silk saree, the best time to do so is when the saree is still somewhat damp.
  • Store a silk saree in a box or closet away from light and dust. However, do not use a plastic pouch for storing it as it needs breathing space. 

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