Friday, December 25, 2015

How to Find Which Sarees are Skin Friendly- Bollywood Designer Sarees or Handloom Sarees

In general, when synthetic materials brush against sensitive skin, they cause rashes and irritation. So, if we look at that way Bollywood sarees that are mostly found in fabrics like georgette or other synthetic materials, can be said to be the one that are least skin friendly while sarees made of natural fibres like silk and cotton are friendly on skin, thus handloom sarees can be said to be skin friendly. But does that mean if you have sensitive skin, you cannot wear Bollywood designer sarees? Now, that would be unfair. So, what is the solution? In fashion industry there is always a way out for those who want to be in style.

There are organizations that manufacture fabrics that are not sensitive to the skin. They use fabrics like chiffon and silk that are soft on skin. Use of kundan, zari work, pearl and other semi precious stones make the sarees alluring to everyone. Bollywood designer sarees that you often notice your favourite stars sporting can be bought from various sites at quite an affordable price. Manufacturers use the same designs and patterns on the fabrics that are friendly on skin. There are specialized artisans and weavers working under strict supervision so that utmost care is taken in order to ensure that the saree you wear is comfortable to your skin. Furthermore these fabrics as well as finished products go through various phases of quality tests so that they qualify on all the parameters and only after achieving the desired results, they hit the shelves, aisles and galleries of stores and online shops.  Other qualities of these sarees are that they are anti-wrinkle and do not bleed colours- two qualities that we always look forward to in any clothing.

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There is no reason to think that since the fabric is different, the Bollywood designer sarees in them would be a compromise on any part. These sarees are as beautiful, gorgeous and stylish as the original one. Rather, some of these sarees can be in rough fabrics which are not gentle even to the skin of women who do not necessarily have sensitive skin. That is way, skin friendly sarees are improvised versions where you not only get the style but comfort as well. And when you drape these sarees with designer blouse and matching accessories, you will undoubtedly be the head turner in every party and get together. 

Now that you know it is quite possible, rather easily possible, to get skin friendly Bollywood designer sarees, you need to know how to find them. You can ask your regular apparel store for these fabrics. If you are lucky, you can find them in your locality. If not, then you can enquire leading saree shops with enormous stock. If not, look for them online. You will definitely get Bollywood designer sarees that won't be harsh against your skin. This means no longer restricting yourself to handloom silk and cotton sarees only because you have sensitive skin. It is quite unfortunate, that manufacturers ignore this basic fact that a particular skin type can keep a customer base away from their products. However, intelligent ones have found out the niche and doing their part to stay long and strong in the industry and skin friendly Bollywood designer sarees are just an example. So, if you were identified with handloom sarees, it is time you break away from that stereotype. You will love every bit of yourself and enjoy all the attention. Be a fashionista this season with these skin friendly sarees. Get your wardrobe a mega make over with these designer sarees. 

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