Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Why Indian Women Should Drape Saree in Home?

Saree is the most worn outfit in India and probably the most celebrated one in South Asia. There are certain parts in India where women wear saree all the time while in almost rest of whole India loves wearing it occasionally. It is a graceful clothing and Indian women know very well how to look best in it. There was a time in not-so-recent past, when young women did not like wearing sarees and chose salwar suit and western wears. Though salwar suits, kurta or kurti with leggings are still preferred by many as they are easy to carry and does not need draping, but in no time sarees have got back their about-to-lose glory as well. The epitome wear of Indian women has reached the international diaspora holding hands of different designers who have given the sarees a permanent position in the world's fashion map.

Indian women, who are little aged, or in interior parts of the country wear it all the time. Whether it is some outdoor errand or household work, they wear sarees. Some do so with their choice as they love wearing saree, some consider it is quite natural to wear it and some are forced to as many households do not allow grown up girls to wear anything other than sarees, especially when they are married. But everything said and done, it is a fact that if you are able to drape it properly, saree can be as comfortable as anything else.

Indian Women love to wear sarees

Except for the northern India, in most of the regions, temperature remains well above 30 degrees Celsius. Loose fitted clothings are ideal for this climate. At the same time, fabric of the clothing does matter. Jeans and other synthetic fabric are uncomfortable. This is why Indian women should drape saree in home. If you have chosen the right fabric and know to drape it properly, you will feel completely comfortable in it as you are in your pyjamas. The elder women in the families wear it all the time and never face any hassles in carrying or maintaining sarees.

Everyone, in India or abroad, will agree that women of Indian origin look best in sarees no matter what and where they are or what fabric they use. It is not because of any kind of bias towards this outfit but for the fact that it suits best them due to their physique. The body structure of Indian women are in their genes and there would be rarely any woman who would not look good in it. And with so many varieties in it, every woman has a fabric to flatter her physique. Cotton and handloom for thin, silk and chiffon for plump while heavily worked sarees for tall and slim women are recommended. And there are many more saree fabrics that can be chosen as per your body type.

Lastly, it can be said that everything depends on habit. Elder women wear it all the while and carry confidently because they have been doing so and in most of the case, they knew that there is no other option than wearing a saree. But with time they were conditioned to. If your family traditions suggest you should drape saree in home, you can do it. Walking and running in tight fitting jeans of rough fabric is difficult than loosely fit soft fabric sarees. Don't drape it with any mind block of discomfort and you can wear it with same confidence that your mother or aunt does. When you can afford to look your best in home, why leave this opportunity! So flaunt your femininity by wearing saree at home. 

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