Friday, November 6, 2015

Sambalpuri Saree is Top Among Premium Party Wear for Political Women Leaders

Today, Sambalpuri saree is the epitome of elegance and power. These sarees were the staple outfit for the locals and used to be the livelihood of many villages near Sambalpur. But something happened. It started towards the end of the decade of 70s of the last century when former Prime Minister Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi started making public appearances in integral this variety of sarees. Today, it is a premium party wear for the political women leaders but it was Mrs. Indira Gandhi who gave it such a prominent position in the cupboard of important women of politics.

Sambalpuri sarees, due to their texture and elegant designs have become synonymous with the wardrobe of women politicians. It is almost like a dress code for them. Just think of a light colored Sambalpuri saree with contrasting border, and you will visualize Mrs Gandhi coming out of the Parliament. The tradition is still on. Though the silk Sambalpuri sarees are indeed premium party wear, you will find the cotton varieties in different combinations and designs draped around important women like Sushma Swaraj, Ambika Soni, Sheila Dixit and of course Sonia Gandhi. Even Mamata Banerjee who is known for her simplistic attire can be spotted in modest Sambalpuri sarees when attending important events.

Elegant designs of Sambalpuri Sarees Online

There is definitely no thumb rule set for these women politicians to choose Sambalpuri sarees as their political manifesto of dressing but by some unwritten law, these sarees have become an integral part of their wardrobe- from premium party wear to modest public appearances. You will also find most of the Doordarshan anchors or newsreaders sporting these sarees. These sarees are so elegant and sophisticated that when draped elegantly it presents a very pleasant and professional image- exactly what is expected from a political leader.

A political leader has to travel a lot. Hard work, long journeys, walks, public speeches, meetings etc are integral part of their everyday lives. As national clothing, they are expected to wear sarees in these events and personally they want one which is comfortable to carry, should not be bling and does not get creased even after a hectic day. The Sambalpuri sarees just fit the bill most aptly. The fabric is cotton or silk, thread work is used for adornment, no sequins or other shining materials are used. A cotton Sambalpuri saree can be their premium party wear and at the same time it can make them one with the ordinary people too. As political figures, we just cannot imagine them in a sequined designer saree with heavy zardousi work. And the Sambalpuri saree is perfect for their image.

There is a glow of luster in these sarees. The most commonly used motifs here are shells, fish, wheel, and flower. The borders in contrasting colors and heavily worked pallu are the trademark designs of Sambalpuri sarees. Due to their simplistic and traditional approach and look, it is a hot favorite of women politicians in India and have earned their position as premium party wear. It has a very earthly look and thus calls for even more minimalistic accessories to team it up. Jewelries made of terracotta, silver, oxidized metal or flowers go best with such a saree. For a more traditional occasion like wedding, it can be paired with light gold jewelries as well. Flat flip-flops to high heels- you can choose footwear according to the occasion. Women politicians on a rural trip or rally prefer platforms or low heel sandals but can wear the same saree with a high heel when attending a formal party. It is due to this versatility, Sambalpuri sarees have continued to be a favorite part of the wardrobe of political women leaders in India- both as a premium party wear and a regular outfit. 

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