Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Premium Wear Sarees for High Class Indian Ladies now Online

Perfect classy Indian look of a lady means one draped in a saree. It is true that this is such an elegant outfit that no matter what fabric you wear, if you can carry it off gracefully, class will come as an additional package. But there are certain occasions where you need premium wear sarees to represent the section of the society you belong to. Any saree in elegant fabric and designs can be classy but high class Indian women prefer some particular fabric that are premium, designer and often expensive as well. Till last few decades, these sarees were found in different expensive stores and boutiques, but times have changed now, especially for the retail business. Premium wear sarees for high class Indian women are now online. Browse through the collection and place the order- this is all you need to do when you can afford them.

There are different factors that make a saree premium like fabric, pattern, designs, artwork and availability. For example a cotton saree cannot be said a premium one but when there are some exclusive artwork done on it or some other fabric like jute or silk threads are woven in it, they become a premium one. Similarly, a plain silk or georgette saree can be expensive but not premium if not the patterns and designs made on them are done by machines. Same with Jamdani sarees of West Bengal where the handmade ones are one of the most sought after premium wear sarees. Kanchipuram silk, designer georgette and chiffon etc are some of the examples. Due to the exclusive designs, the availability of these sarees are limited, which make them premium. Handmade sarees and designs are really expensive because in most of the cases these are dying art and so number of craftsmen deft in this art are decreasing. At the same time, heavily worked zardousi saree in georgette are also expensive because of the time, effort and time invested in one such piece. These are exclusive and premium wear sarees.

Indian traditional patachitra sarees online
In every city and town, there used to be a locality or market, which was famous for these exclusive sarees. We were told of particular shops that keep the best of the lot. There were some stores that sell only reasonably priced sarees. But online retail has changed the entire picture. You can get sarees from the price range of Rs 200 to Rs 2,00,000 in one website and there are hundreds of such sites. It is true that you will not get premium wear sarees for Rs 200 but with several schemes and discounts, you can bag one for Rs 1000 at least. Premium sarees does not always mean unaffordable for everyone. Stock clearance, festive season and other discounts can often turn out to be fortunate enough to strike such an unexpected deal. There is no upper limit of this price range. In these online stores, you will find Bollywood sarees as well where you can find your favourite stars sporting different designer sarees that are available for sale. 

Upper strata of the Indian society has fetish for designer sarees. Designers like Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul, Sabyasachi and others have redefined the concept of sarees among urban women and have made them crazy about this outfit. You can get their as well as different upcoming and established designers' collections in these online stores. Not much discount can be obtained for the authentic designs, thus they remain exclusive as premium wear sarees for high class Indian women. But barring them, almost the entire collection of a website can be offered on a discount. Keep your eyes open for such opportunity where you can buy premium wear sarees much like high class Indian women. 

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