Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Confusion of Buyers while Purchasing Old Age Sarees Online for Gift

Buying sarees as gift itself is quite confusing because you can never be sure that the recipient would like it or not. And the magnitude of confusion increases when you are asked to buy old age sarees online for gift. There are so many related problems. Let us discuss them and think of the work around to deal with them.

When you are buying saree for some aged woman, first thing that comes to mind is its colour. When you are buying it from your known store, it is easy but problem arises when you intend to buy these old age sarees online to be given as gift. The resolution of screen varies from a computer to another. A lot of filters are used while taking the pictures and handiworks are done using different software to give the sarees an appeal. If a saree does not look good, why will you buy it? So, naturally colour of the saree you see in the portal may vary from the actual one. A simple logic will help you. If you are buying a light coloured saree like beige, light mustard, off white or ivory, go for its lightest shade. So, even if it is not same in actual, it has to be one to two shades darker, not more than that.

Old age sarees online for sending gift

Fabric is another factor that confuses you to no end when you buy old age sarees online. You must have seen her wearing sarees. What kinds of sarees are they? In most of the cases, ageing women prefer wearing sophisticated cotton, silk, handloom etc kind of sarees, that do not have bling and are easy to manage. It does not necessarily be mono coloured, but the colour combination has to be elegant. Often they feel discomfort with too much bright sarees. It is advised not to go by what it is seen in movies and television serials. You will rarely come across a lady in her late 60s in bright red brocade saree. Off white temple bordered Odisha handloom, tussar, Kerala cotton, Mysore silk and elegant looking soft coloured Kanchipuram silk can be a wonderful gift.

Another matter of concern that may come up while buying old age sarees online is the returning policy. If, unfortunately, the recipient does not like your gift, has a similar piece or gets a damaged one, how would the old woman sort it out. It is very simple. Almost all the online retail stores offer free return policy. All you need to do is inform them of the same and it will be their responsibility to pick it up, ship and get you a fresh piece, all for free.

Often confusion arises regarding dispatch of the gift. While placing order for old age sarees online, you calculate the estimated date of delivery. But what if you get to know that the recipient lady would not be at home on that day or has some prior commitment. Way out is easier than buying saree and send it through courier because even then the problem remains. The online saree stores have live chat or free customer care number available at least 12 hours a day, if not 24X7. All you need to contact one of the executives and let them know of the problem. Delivery would be rescheduled accordingly.

Now you know buying old age sarees online is not really that difficult. There are some misconceptions and ignorance regarding online shopping. Once that is cleared and you are sure what exactly are you looking for, the task becomes easy like never before. So, go ahead and pick an elegant and sober saree in comfortable fabric. Your loved one will love you even more. 

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