Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Top 10 reasons young Indian women should learn to drive cars in India to help own family

Driving is a skill that many of us want to learn. Not only it is a great addition to our personal set of skills but it also allows us to take control of our lives in a great way. If you are a woman living in India, you should definitely try and learn to drive as it can greatly benefit you as a person for all your life. While there are many cars in India that are particularly suited for female drivers, learning how to drive means that you can explore a wide range of automobiles in the future as well. Knowing how to drive can not only help you in different times of your life but it can also help your family in a number of ways. So let’s take a look at the top ten reasons as to why women in India should learn to drive cars from a very early age.   

Driving is a skill that you will never forget

Learning to drive a car is very much like learning how to ride a cycle or a bike; once you master it you will never forget. While it is true that a car or a larger vehicle is somewhat more difficult to handle, once you get a license it is yours for the rest of your life. Even if you do not purchase a car within a short time, you can still use your driving skill any time you want.

It gives you an enhanced sense of freedom 

Once you learn how to drive a car, it gives you a strong sense of freedom to go anywhere you like at any given time. If you are not inclined to buy your own car, you can also hire a car or join a car club for economical and practical convenience.

Driving skill gives you an edge in many jobs

There are numerous jobs that require employees to have a driver’s license. So if you have one, it means that a number of exciting job opportunities will open up for you. Even if your current job does not require you to own a license, you might look for a job change in the future and a driving license might help you in that regard.

Women drive better than Men

Driving skills prepare you for emergencies

If you are adept at driving, then you can drive a car any time there is an emergency. So for example, if you need to visit the hospital or the nearest mall, you can do so without breaking a sweat.

Provides with better mobility in places where public transportation is less

There are numerous locations in India that are not really served well by public transportation. In those areas, having a car and knowing how to drive it is useful as it offers added mobility. 

Your driving license can serve as your photo ID

Your driving license can serve as an ID for many government and private sectors. It is not possible for everyone to carry her passport or PAN card, but most people carry their driving license with them at all times. 

Driving tests are required only one time

You need to take your driving test once only and after you have passed it; there is no need to take the test again. This means that if you learn it when you have the money and time, it serves as a practical means to your driving needs. 

Driving training helps even when you only drive a car occasionally

While you may not need to drive a car at all times, having a driver’s license can be a great thing as you may want to hire your own vehicle during holidays. You may also use your skills when you are out for a day trip with your friends and family.  

It gives you a strong sense of independence

Once you know how to drive a car, it gives you an enhanced sense of independence. You do not need to depend on your driver or some other member of your family to go somewhere and do it by yourself.

Knowing how to drive is like adding a new one to your skill set

Learning how to drive is like learning any other skill, such as photography, cooking, gardening and painting. At the end of the day, it makes you feel good and confident about yourself.  

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