Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nine colors of sarees to wear in this Navratri festival 2015.

Navratri is a big festival which dedicated to the Hindu goddess "Maa Durga". The word Navaratri means nine night's and during this nine night's "Maa Durga" worship in nine forms. The tenth day is called "Vijayadasami". According to Hindu Calendar, Navratri puja starts from the beginning of the first fortnight of Ashwin and at the end of rainy season.

Maa Durga
The festival celebrates all over India with purity and great devotion. Peoples from various sections comes to celebrate this festival by visiting temples and offer puja at mother's feet. Many peoples fast for the first and last day, while other's fast for nine days.

Every year on Navratri devotees are too much excited to know the nine forms of "Maa Durga" and the nine colors of traditional wear by the devotees as well as  the deity Maa Durga.

-On first day Ghatasthapna- The devotees wear the traditional yellow saris.
-On second day Dwitiya- Devotees wear the green color sarees or lehenga choli.
-On Third day Tritiya- Devotees wear the grey color.
-On fourth day Chaturthi- Devotees wear the orange color.
-On Fifth day panchami- Devotees wear the white silk sarees.
-On Sixth day Shasti- Women's are supposed to wear Red color saree.
-On Seventh day Saptami- Peoples wear the blue color
-On Eighth day Astami- Devotees loves to wear pink color silk saree on astami day.
-On Ninth Day Navami- Women's wear the Purple color saree.

So for nine days every peoples celebrate with great fun and enthusiasm.
                     Happy Navratri

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