Saturday, October 31, 2015

List of places in India where we can shop cheap Indian sarees

In India, women love to dress up in the best sarees for all special occasions and so there is always a great demand for cheap Indian sarees. There are many cities in India that are particularly renowned for their saree shops that offer the best products at the most affordable rates. So let’s take a look at some of the places in India where one can shop for the best Indian sarees at cheap rates.

Banaras has been the hub for enthusiastic saree buyers for many years. Any Indian bride wants to look absolutely fabulous on her wedding day, and wearing a fine Benarasi silk saree is a great way to accomplish that goal. The classic Benarasi silk saree has much to do with the culture of the ancient city as much as the skill of the artisans who meticulously work hard to create these fine pieces of garments. Known for their exquisite brocade or zari work in gold and silver threads that are woven with the best silk materials to create opulent and magnificent designs, they can make any woman look gorgeous for all occasions. Banaras also has numerous traditional saree shops from where one can get these excellent sarees in decent prices. A woman can get top quality Jangla, Tanchoi, Cutwork, Vaskat and Butidar sarees in various saree shops around Vishwanath Gali and Dashswamedh Gali.

Indian Traditional Saree Shop
Kota is traditionally famous for Doria sarees that are woven on traditional pit looms which create a fine geometric check pattern on the saree fabric. The artisans smear the yarn with a fine paste of rice and onion juice for making it strong so that it does not require any additional finishing. The best part of these sarees is that they are perfect for being worn for the summer months as they keep the body cool. Kota has always had a strong saree market and there are many areas in the city from where sarees can be bought at cheap rates. The Government Emporia and the Main Bazaar are the best places to buy sarees in Kota.  
Kolkata is a major destination of ethnic Bengali culture and the quintessential lal paar saree that is worn by women here in Bengal for many special occasions including Durga Puja. Apart from these sarees, the tant cotton saree, Vishnupuri silk and tassar silk sarees are also an essential part of the wardrobe of a Bengali woman. So if you are looking to get some nice sarees that reflect your love for ethnic beauty, then you can certainly come here and shop for the best sarees. Kolkata has many renowned saree markets and shops all throughout the city that can get you the best products at the most affordable rates. For example, you can go and visit the shops at Gariahat and M.G. Road where you will find an extensive collection of fine quality sarees. Other notable places to look for sarees include Dakshinapan Shopping Complex and the New Market area.   

Mysore is well known for its Mysore silk sarees that are known for their exquisite quality. Many women who have a strong penchant for buying top quality sarees at cheap rates come to Mysore annually for choosing their pick. Some of the best places to shop for sarees in Mysore and get good deals are Bhojayya Shilpa Silks and the State Emporium stores near KR Circle.


While Chennai has been a major place for saree lovers to buy beautiful Kanjivaram sarees, the city also offers a wide range of other sarees as well for the ardent saree buyers. There are main places in Chennai that offers cheap Indian sarees to buyers such as the shops in T. Nagar.  

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