Monday, September 7, 2015

How India helping Worldwide Fashion Industry with the Help of our Tradition and Designers

Indian fashion designers are making their marks in the worldwide fashion industry with their out of the world creations. Indian fabrics like cotton and silk has a great market abroad and so is the respect and demand for Indian traditional wears. Even the celebrities across the world are seen taking the stage in Indian outfits when addressing the larger world. And now, eminent characters like Michelle Obama and Victoria Beckham are seen in dresses designed by Indian designers. 

The battery of young designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Bibhu Mahapatra, Naeeem Khan or Rahul Mishra has helped Indian fashion take the centre stage. If Rahul Mishra won the International Woolmark Prize in February 2014 for his hand-woven embroidered dresses in yellow and off white, designer sisters Nikita and Tina Sutradhar too won a special LVMH prize last May, which are for young talented designers. Holding hands of this young guns, the worldwide fashion is waking up to Indian designs as well as designers.

The fashion and glamour industry in India had never been better. World is taking a closer note of the events and proceedings of the Lakme Fashion Week that takes place in Mumbai since last fifteen years. It is the most happening even of Indian fashion and many amateur designers got their first recognition from here. Celebrated designer Rahul Mishra is one of them. Experts of the worldwide fashion think that Indian designers are working on the lost traditional procedures of weaving as well as helping the Indian fabrics gain their lost kingdom. As a result hand-woven designs in indigenous and unusual fabric are getting all the attention. Fabrics like khadi, jute and other natural fibres are getting popular over animal products like silk and wool due to the large hue and cry from various sections of the society. And to top with, there is the raw talent of fresh and young designers. Everything is contributing to the overall popularity and India is taking over the worldwide fashion industry with its traditional designs and materials.

Indian fashion worldwide

These young designers have good exposure to western culture as well. Many of them never fail to visit fashion weeks at Paris, Milan and London. Some of them come here for workshops and training too. This helps them blend best of both the worlds. So, when our traditional techniques and fabrics are blended with the western silhouettes, a widespread international market is approached. Indian designs, techniques and textiles were always popular but it never got the platform and diaspora that it gets today, thanks to the world becoming a small village and our designers going places and getting recognized by the whole world.

Another important factor responsible for Indian fashion getting acknowledged abroad is the increasing number of people immigrating to different countries. No matter where you go, there will be an Indian community. They go to a different country and along with them goes our traditional wears and its demands. Places like Edison in New Jersey, Devon in Chicago or Hounslow in London are little India away from the mainland India. A stroll through these locales will let you know the demand for Indian traditional wears here. Indian georgette, chiffon and net sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga with embellished sequins, pearls, gota patti etc are high on demand.

So, whether it is the street fashion or high street, Indian designs and designers are making it big everywhere.  It is a delight to see Julia Roberts in a saree or Michelle Obama in a Naeem Khan creation. Thanks to these Indian designers, Indian traditional wear and the textile have regained its lost honour and is all set to rule the worldwide fashion. 

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