Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A perfect match of saree blouse completes an Indian Women

Indian women, like women in any other part of the world, love to dress up in nice outfits that compliment their looks and personality. Among all the dresses that have evolved over thousands of years of Indian culture, one of the most important attire for women in this country is the saree. In today’s world, it is a customary practice to blend the fashion trends of different parts of the world. However, if we go back to the earliest times in history when the saree first evolved, we can see how the religious and socio cultural ideas and practices of those times gave rise to the different methods that were used in the production of sarees.

India has always been a culture where people lived in closely knit communities. The main occupations for traditional Indians have been farming and the cottage industry. India is well known for the expansive cottage industry it has and how different items have always been made in various parts of the country. The production of sarees is closely associated with the handloom industry of this industry. Since time immemorial, Indian artisans created fine quality sarees from the handloom threads they produced. These handlooms were mostly cotton and silk, however, different variations among these were also available. Each and every region of India had their own handloom production techniques and the quality of the final products varied greatly from one place to another. This was due to the difference in soil quality, weather conditions, fertilizers used, etc. which gave rise to various blends of cotton and silk looms. The sarees that were made from them were consecutively of different quality.

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Over the centuries, Indian sarees grew in their individual styles and brilliance. Every region in India, such as Odisha, West Bengal, Kerala, Bihar, etc. had their own styles of sarees. This not only created a lot of variation for the Indian women to choose from but also resulted in greater opportunities for business. Indian women love to wear sarees both in their day to day lives as well as for all kinds of special occasions. Therefore the saree manufacturers of India produce a wide range of sarees for every season that vary greatly in their style, finish, embellishments, embroideries, and overall look. However, no matter what type of saree a woman might choose to wear, she should also have the perfect blouse to go along with that. A perfectly matching saree blouse completes the look of an Indian woman. Blouses can in a great way make or break the look of a saree. While most women love to have their blouse custom designed for the right fittings, there are also many sarees that come with their own blouse options.

Blouses, like the sarees themselves, come in different styles and patterns. There are full sleeve, half sleeve, three quarter sleeve and even sleeveless blouses. The blouses can also be classified according to their necklines. The material with which a blouse is made is also an important factor that women need to consider while buying them. The other factor that needs special thought is the color of the blouse. While some women prefer blouses that come in a contrasting shade from that of their saree, there are others that prefer properly complimentary shades. Whatever be the preferences when it comes to sarees and their blouses, women of today now have great choices when it comes to buying them. There are many online stores that offer top quality blouses for women to go with their sarees. The blouses can be bought along with the sarees or even separately, as a buyer would prefer. 

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