Sunday, August 2, 2015

Shravan The Holiest month of the year.

The Month of shravan is specially dedicated as a day of Lord Shiva. Month of sharavan falls in between the month of july to august.
Due to mythological, the story was about the rain time of samudra manthan. During this month Lord shiva swallow all poison, which come out at the time of samudra manthan. At that time the Rain God Lord Indra give the instruction to rain and other god's poured milk, curd, honey to cool and mitigate the effect's of poison.Then onwards this month was dedicated for Lord shiva.

 Lord Shiva was worshipped by offering Belpatra,milk,curd and honey. In Odisha there are so many Lord Shiva temple but Lingaraj Temple was famous . People from several places comes to the temple on the shravan month to worship Lord Shiva.By offering milk, honey, curd symbolize the clean of our body in this moonsoon season because every people take fasting on that day.

During the month of shravan many people refrain themselves to eat onion, garlic amd non veg food to clean their body.Many people observe fasting for the special day(monday) called "Shravan Shomvar".On that time women's prefer to wear white cotton sarees for purity and pray the Lord Shiva Chalisha or by praying "Om Namaha Shivaya".

On this shravan month many peoples wear the saffron color outfit for visiting temples. They are called Kanwariya, they take the  holy water  and walk a long distance to pour the waters on Lord Shiva by praying " OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA".


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