Friday, July 10, 2015

Why women very much like Embroidery work of India

Embroidery work of India varies from dozens of regional embroidery styles those are present in different regions of the country India. As India is a big country by area and population, also different traditions and cultures are present in different locations of this country, so the arts and the styles of various arts are different in different regions.

Embroidery work is basically considered to stitching a beautiful design or pattern on a cloth to increase the cloths beauty. In India the Embroidery work is very famous and most of the women and also men are like to wear cloths having very beautiful embroidery work.

Mainly the dot and the alternate dot, the circle, the square, the triangle and permutations and combinations of these constitute very beautiful design and eye catching patterns those are very much appreciated by Indian men and women, also people from different other countries like the Indian handloom embroidery work.  

Embroidery work on Handkerchief

Different states of India having their own culture and traditions, so according to the local culture and like of the people embroidery workers produces different attractive designs. The flower design, leaf design and other traditional motifs those are very much liked by Indian women, embroidery workers produce those design on clothes in a very beautiful and attractive manner, so Indian women very much like the embroidery work.

The embroidery works are created in saris, salwar kameez dress materials, men’s shorts, in kurtas and on other cloths, so Indian people like to wear these beautiful embroidered cloths to get an attractive look.

Also in different countries like American countries, in European countries and in Australian countries people are very much attracted towards the Indian embroidery work, so they purchase it through online shopping and love to wear it.

So these are some things about Indian embroidery work and their popularity among women and men in all over the world. 

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