Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tourism in Nepal and It’s Importance

Nepal is a country which has many naturally beautiful places. So tourist pays importance in this country. As it Possessing 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world, so the people from all over the world come to visit this beautiful country and its natural beauty. 

Nepal is a very suitable place for mountaineers, rock climbers and for the people those seeking adventures. In Nepal the “Mount Everest” the highest mountain peak in the world is present and every year thousands of people from different countries from all over the world coming to this place to visit.

Breathtaking Trip to Nepal
In Nepal mostly Hindu religious people and Buddhist people are present in majority so here very beautiful temples and religious places are also present those contents very beautiful arts and attractive structures. So tourist those are coming to Nepal they also like these temples and beautiful structures.  

Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal, as according to Nepal’s weather and land this place is not very suitable for farming so people of this country are very much depended on tourism. From tourism Nepal’s people get good amount of money for their leaving.
So tourism is the most important thing in terms of Nepal’s economic status. Every year thousands of tourists from different countries from all over the world are coming to visit this country and the local art and handicraft industry get chance to develop in a better way.

Due to tourist the handicraft workers get more consumers to sell their products and by more and more product selling they earn more money. So by this we can say that tourism is very much helpful for Nepal.

Also Nepal’s people are very honest and the Nepal government also encouraging tourism, so day by day the tourism of Nepal increasing in a greater extent. 

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