Saturday, July 18, 2015

Today is Ratha Yatra

Today is Ratha Yatra the holy festival of Odisha, also this festival is known as cart festival. Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and maa subhadra three of these come out from sree mandir and visited to their aunt’s house (maushi maa temple).

As an Odia, i beleave in lord Jagannath and Ratha Yatra is a special occasion for me and for all other bhakta or worshippers of Lord Jagannath. From my child hood, I visited cart festival with my parents and it is a strong believes that Lord Jagannath comes out from Sree Mandir to see his worshipper and bless him.

And according to millions of people those every year come to puri from different parts of Odisha, India and different other countries, they feel that an unnatural power bless them.

Ratha Yatra in Dhenkanal
Millions of people from different religions are cultures coming to see the Ratha Yatra festival or cart festival. Today is the special day and today also many people are coming to puri to see cart festival.

Apart from puri these are many other places are available where the temple of lord Jagannath are present and in these places cart festival celebrated by people in a very happy and joyful way.

In my home town Dhenkanal a glorious temple of Lord Balaram is present and people celebrated cart festivals in this temple every year, all rituals are obeyed like puri jagannath temple but as it is the temple of Lord Balaram, he is the elder brother of Lord Jagannath, so the cart festival begins first in dhenkanal than after that in puri.

Every year in my child hood I visited Ratha Yatra in my home town dhenkanal and it is a very holy experience I fell every year. Today I wish you all a very happy Ratha Yatra. 

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