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Popular Five types of Saree Draping style in Wedding day

Wedding ceremony is very important in Hindu culture; many different types of traditions are present in Traditional Hindu marriage. Marriage is a very special occasion where Indian people enjoy a lot, especially family members of bride and groom.  

During marriage all brides and grooms want to be look very special, so different types of beautiful wedding saris are present in India. Also different styles of draping of saris in wedding day are present in different parts of India. Some special types of sari draping style are:

Traditional Odia Saree draping style, Marathi Saree draping style, Gujarati Saree draping style, west Bengal Saree draping style, south Indian saree draping style.

These fives are very popular types of sari draping styles of India. Mostly in different states different sari draping styles are preferred by brides.

Image courtesy: Santa Banta
Different Styles of Saree Draping

Traditional Odia style of sari draping is a very popular type of sari draping technique that is very popular in Odisha. Mostly red colour beautiful design silk saris are draped by brides in Odisha gives brides a very beautiful loom.

Marathi Saree draping style is a famous draping style of Maharashtra. Here according to their old culture and traditional design beautiful silk saris are preferred by brides during their marriage function. Marathi Saree draping style is very simple and the traditional style gives a very attractive look to brides.

Gujarati Saree draping style is a draping style of Gujarat that most of the Gujarati brides like very much during their wedding day. Mostly Gujarat is very famous for its textile products and in traditionally the wedding saris are prepared with very care in Gujarat. Beautiful embroidery work are done on pallu and border and in draping style these embroidery works are shown in proper way, so Gujarati sari draping style is very famous.

West Bengal Saree draping style is a very important thing for people of west Bengal. Bengali people very much like their culture and traditions, so the traditional saris draping style of marriage is a necessary thing for west Bengali brides. West Bengal Saree draping style is involves two wide pleats and a large key ring with keys to hold down the double-wrapped pallu.

South Indian saree draping style is very simple and very attractive style of sari draping. The south Indian wedding sari draping style is includes a very traditional style and mostly white colour saris are preferred in south India during marriage functions.

So these are five popular wedding saree draping styles. 

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