Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Online Shopping Market Places in India, where you can buy and sell anything you want

Looks fully changes how we buy and sell in 21st Century on Indian market. Now we do not have to follow the same path each week for local haat or visit to a long distance to buy a specific item. We can find all of them sitting at our home, office or even while travelling through these new style of Marketplaces:

What is Online Market Place?
A place on internet where we can sell or buy products we want even sitting any where we want.

How they are helping Indian economy?
We are moving to age of internet and fear of this new market going out from customers, now even a farmer in a rural village want to buy a shirt from Flipkart through his mobile phones. Or someone from dhenkanal want to sell sarees living in a remote village. There market places helping economy and bringing down product price because of high competition, which benefits both seller and buyer.

Customer get a handicraft gift on anything on low price and seller easily reach huge customers with higher turnover.

Here are few marketplaces which exists and help us to buy and sell.

  1. Pepperfry
  2. Nineteen
  3. Rangiru
  4. Tadpole Store
  5. Style Tag
  6. Its Handmade
  7. 6Y Collective
  8. Zaarga
  9. Aniika: Only caters to US buyers
  10. 48Craft
  11. CraftVille
  12. Storrz
  13. Koovs
  14. Shopo
  15. Craftsvilla
  16. IndiaTimes
  17. Rediff Shopping
  18. 24hoursloot
  19. Art For Everyday
  20. Aporv
  21. Young Republic
  22. Craffts
  23. We Style
  24. Egully
  25. Timtara
  26. Craftsden.com
  27. Mirraw
  28. Fabfurnish
  29. Shop Inonit
  30. Shopick
  31. 3 Closets: Curators of Fine Fashion
  32. First Row
  33. Indiologie
  34. Nethaat
  35. Unwrapindia
  36. Quirko
  37. Red Patang : Caters only to North American buyers
  38. Fashion at Click
Traditional Shopping still exists and will be forever (image: odishasareestore.com at Balijatra, cuttack)

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