Thursday, July 2, 2015

“Murshidabad” A Important and Famous Place of West Bengal

Murshidabad is one famous place or a district situated in the Indian state of West Bengal. The history of this place is very rich this is the place of Kings and Nababs. Here many kings created their palaces and reach people of west Bengal prefer to stay in this place from thousands of years. So these are many beautiful palaces and many housed are present also thousands of good and attractive structures like temple, parks and other places are present.   

Hazarduari Palace, the Moti Jhil (Pearl Lake), Nizamat Kila (the Fortress of the Nawabs) and many more historic places and locations are present in this place Murshidabad, people like to visit this place and watching the beautiful things of Murshidabad.

A stage in Silk Saree Production

Murshidabad is also very famous for its pure silk and attractive silk products. In this place very fine quality silk are produced in traditional process and very old tradition of handloom art of this place makes available very beautiful and attractive handloom product as very beautiful saris, dress materials for men and women etc.   
As the Murshidabad district is very important and popular city so it faces many difficulties in thorough out its life but this city still present and offering people its glorious history. Still very fine quality silk products are produced in this place and exported to different places of India and also to different countries in all over the world.

Silk products of Murshidabad now available on online market many online shopping stores those selling handloom saris they provide Murshidabad silk sari on their online shopping store. People in all over the world have very much demand for his Murshidabad silk saris and for other silk products. Online shopping satisfies these peoples and fulfils their needs.

So these are some things about Murshidabad the famous place of west Bengal. 

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