Tuesday, July 7, 2015

India Is Ideal For Tourism

India is a big country by area and population also the economy of this country growing day by day. The country India is the best for tourism and thousands of people from all over the world coming to visit India every year.  

India is a country where many natural beautiful places are present in different parts of the country. Beautiful manmade structures like temples, palaces, beautiful cities and many more very attractive tourism sports are available for spending the vacancy.

Thousands of people from different corners of the world coming to India for spending a qualitative time with their families and friends. Also India is a country of religions and cultures here many people of different religions are leaving together also different cultures are born on this land.

Tourism in India
In India these are twenty-nine states and seven union territories and in each state the language, culture and leaving style of people are different also the art and crafts made by the people of different regions are different, so the tourist those come to visit India they get a varieties of things to see and to experience different new things like different leaving style of peoples, different religions and cultures and many more. So India is ideal place for tourism.

Also according to Indian climate Indian beaches are very suitable for spending summer so thousand of tourist coming to places like Goa, Kerala, puri and other places of India.
Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and many more big cities of India are very beautiful and very good places are present in these cities to see, so people come to visit in these places.

Also the temples of India are made with very beautiful stone arts and best designs are made on the temples. Still the beautiful and famous temples are present.

These are some things about why India is ideal for tourism.         

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