Friday, July 31, 2015

Choose Right Saree which suitable for your age.

Sarees is for every women either she is a professional, housewives, teacher etc. Sareez is made for only women.
Sari cannot give you the wrong figure but you have to choose the right saree , color for your age.

1. If you are below 40 you can choose various design saree or traditional silk sareez, cotton saris, Georgette silk to look gorgeous and beautiful.

2. If you are above 40 try to wear classic not the fancy sari. If you want to look gorgeous try to drape handloom silk sarees of soft colors.

3. If you wear chiffon or Georgette saree try to wear satin or silk petticoat.

4. For office wear drape the cotton saree with pin-up to look professional.

5. If you are very thin try to drape handloom silk sarees or cotton saris to look good. This saree gives you the best figure.

6. If you are fat, go for chiffon, crepe or chiffon sarees. On any function drape the beautiful handloom silk sarees.

7. If your height is short, avoid to drape the big border sari, it will give your look more shorter.

8. If your hands are fatty, avoid sleeveless blouse.

9. Wear small printed saree, which gives your look more pretty and elegant.

10. If your skin tone is black, wear soft colors don't use dark colors.

These tips will help to many ladies. You can purchase these sarees from your nearest shop or from online shopping.

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