Sunday, June 7, 2015

Why Most of Indian women prefer cotton sari for daily use

Sari is a traditional and also very popular garment for women in India. Women in Indian wear the sari every day. So it needs to be very comfortable and suitable for wearing for whole day. As women in India like to wear saris very much and according to Hindu culture and traditional point of view sari so very important for Indian women, so these are many types of saris of different colours, designs and materials are available in different areas of the country India.

According to the material there are many types of saris are available but silk and cotton are very popular among them. Silk saris and cotton saris are very much liked by Indian women but the use if these saris are different. Mostly silk saris are preferred by the women during festivals or special occasions where as cotton saris are such types of saris those are wearied by the women in every day during their day to day life.

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Now a question comes why most of Indian women prefer to wear cotton sari in their day to day life?

May be the smoothness and comfortable nature of cottons materials is a major cause of it. As cotton is a very soft material and it is very good for skin so when we wear cloths made by it, we feel relaxing and comfortable, because of this most of the people in all over the world like to wear different types of cotton cloths. In India also as women need to wear saris every day so they prefer such materials those are good for her skin and also very comfortable to handle the whole day. In this case cotton saris are best option for them, so most of the Indian women prefer to wear cotton saris in their day to day life.     

Also Indian women like the silk sari because the silk saris are very shining and very good looking and gives a attractive look to the women those are wearing it. But the silk saris are not as much as comfortable like cotton saris. So women prefer to wear silk saris in special occasions and festivals and cotton saris in their day to day life.

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