Friday, June 12, 2015

Traditional Cloths of Bhojpuri Region

Bhojpuri language is language a very popular and well known language in India. The region where the Bhojpuri language was spoken as a native is called the Bhojpuri region. In some parts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal people speak Bhojpuri language.

Culture of Bhojpuri region is most ancient culture of North India. The Bhojpuri region is very old region and its culture is very rich. Bhojpuri People likes their culture and traditions very much.

Ladies of Bhojpuri Region with Traditional Sarees

Also Bhojpuri people like their cloths very much; traditional cloths for men in Bhojpuri region are Dhoti-Kurta or Kurta-Payjama. Indian people like the turban (Pagri). Like men women cloths of the Bhojpuri region are, Lehnga, Ghaghra choli, (Ghaghra choli is more preferred to worn during regional folk dances, celebrations or wedding), but most of the women wear Sari or Salwar Kameez during other times in all over the year.

Now days in Bhojpuri region, men prefer to wear western cloths like Shirt, Pant, T-shirt and Denim etc and women especially girls prefer to wear different western outfits.  
Cloths are varying during different seasons, during winters; both men and women cover their body with a Shaal and wear many warm clothes in this region. Like that the clothing style changes during different seasons.

Mostly Ghaghra choli are of this region are very popular in all over the India and also in different countries. As Ghaghra choli are the cloths those are used during the folk dances of the Bhojpuri region, so the Bhojpuri people like this very much as a special traditional cloth.

Now days the famous Bhojpuri Ghaghra choli and other regional cloths of the Bhojpuri region are available on online shopping store. These are many online shopping stores in India and outside of India those are providing the traditional Bhojpuri cloths.

So these are some discussion about the traditional culture of Bhojpuri region and the popular cloths.   

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