Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tourism Helps in Development of Indian Handloom and Handicraft Industry

India is a big country, which is full of arts, cultures and very beautiful natural places. From ancient days Indian skilled artists created very beautiful structures those are still present and attracts the tourist from all over the world. Every year thousands of tourists from different countries of all over the world coming to see the natural beauty and beautiful structures produce by the Indian artist.

Tourism helps Indian peoples in different ways, through tourism many people earning money by different ways. As example some people working as travel guide and showing the different beautiful places of India to the tourist and through this earning some money. Some people are engaged on transportation and earn some money through this.

Tourism also helps in development of Indian handloom and handicraft industry. When tourist from different countries coming to India to visit different natural beautiful places or other important places at that time they see the Indian handloom and handicraft products and most of the people like the products very much and purchasing it and bring items with them.

Through this the handloom and handicraft products manufactures get more consumers those purchase their products, so by more products selling they earn more profit.
Another possibility is when the tourist brings the handloom and handicraft products with them, then at their country other people see the products and many like them and wants to buy the same products, so in that way more consumes increases that helps in development of the whole industry.

As due to tourism in all over the world the demand of the Indian handloom and handicraftproducts increases, the products are now available on online market for purchasing of peoples in all over the world. These are many Indian online shopping stores are present; those are providing many valuable and beautiful handloom and handicraft products.

So these are some discussion about how tourism helps in development of Indian handloom and handicraft lndustry.

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