Friday, June 5, 2015

Top Five Popular Saris of West Bengal

Sari is the most popular female garment in all over the India. These are many types of saris are present in each geographical area of the country India. West Bengal is a very popular and important state of India; here mostly the Bengali culture people are leaving. Women in west Bengal like to wear different types of saris. Some very poplar types of saris those are very popular in India are:
1.  Tussar silks
Tussar silk sari are the most popular sari of west Bengal, although Tussar is produced in numerous areas in India, more than 40% of it is produced in the Malda district of West Bengal, so these is a huge availability of raw material for the weavers to produce very beautiful saris. The Tussar silk sari, a more textured one than the “cultured” mulberry silk sari in west Bengal, aids in the making of numerous types of saris in Bengal. In fact, Baluchari saris are more often made with tussar silks than pure silk. However, apart from Balucharis, simple Tussar silks, in traditional Bengali “buti” and “pata” design is famous among women of all ages and in India these are huge demand of these saris are located.

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2.  Baluchari Saris
Baluchari sari is another type of very beautiful sari of west bangle, these saris get their nomenclature from Baluchar village in Murshidabad from where it originated in old days. However, later, due to some geographical mishaps, the industry shifted from the silk Mecca of east India to Bishnupur in the Bankura district of West Bengal and it becomes an important part of it, now days it becomes most popular of all west Bengali women.

3.  Dhakai Jamdani sari
Dhakai Jamdani sari is originally made in Dhaka before partition of the country India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, this sari is one of the favourite saris of Bengals women in all occasions. Be wearing it in wedding parties, any Puja and even college farewells etc is the first choice of Bengali women.

In other words, there’s a jamdani for every one irrespective of ages.

4. Murshidabad Silk Saris
Murshidabad Silk Saris is the sari those are produced after pondering over cotton saris; let’s turn our eye towards the silk saris of Bengal. Yes, for those who are unaware the Bengal saris, too, make some of the best silk saris in India is Murshidabad Silk Saris. The history of silk saris in Murshidabad dates back to the 18th century when the East India Company set up two factories to produce silk from that time onwards the silk industry in west Bengal increases day by day. The popularity of the Murshidabad Silk Saris are still present now days.

5.  Taant Sari:

Whenever we think of any Bengali sari, we visualize someone wearing Taant Sari, a beautiful white sari with red border. Well, that traditional sari is none other than our good-old taant saris of course; the colour palette doesn’t stick to the monotonous red and white combo and the design are of these traditional Taant Sari are so attractive that women love to wear these saris. 

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