Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Traditional Cloths of Bihar, India

The Bihar is a very important state of India, this place have many legends and this land produces may legendary peoples. The state Bihar is a place where people very much respect their cultures and traditions. These are many arts and crafts are also present in this state.

The traditional cloths of the Bihar are similar like other Indian states. Mainly the traditional dresses in Bihar include the dhoti-kurta for men and Ghagra-Choli for women, Bihari men very much like to wear dhoti-kurta where as Bihari women like to wear ghagra choli, but ghagra choli is limited to folk dances or celebrations and is considered the ancient or historical dress of women of Bihar, women in Bihar also like to wear saris like other women in different states of India. In everyday life women wear sari or Kameez-Salwar according to their choice.

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Now days due to modernization, peoples in all over the India wearing Morden clothes like casual clothes as example jeans pants and T-shirts and those peoples are working in offices they are preferring formal shirt and pants at offices. Women and girls of Bihar also preferring to wear western designed cloths in their day to day life in current days.

But people of Bihar still remember their culture and traditions, during festivals they prefer to wear their traditional cloths that is men like to wear different kinds of dhoti-kurta and women wear very beautiful types of saris or ghagra choli during times of festivals.

Due to this reason the traditional cloths of Bihar are still manufactured in bulk amount and provided to all over the Bihar and all over the India, as now days Bihari peoples are leaving in different states of India.

Now days many online shopping sites also providing various types of Bihari cloths at their shopping store, these shows the popularity of the traditional Bihari clothes.  
So these are some things about the traditional Bihari cloths.


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