Saturday, June 20, 2015

“Phulkari” The Most Famous Rural Embroidery Tradition of Punjab

Embroidery is a very popular art form in India. The embroidery is the art produced by stitching a cloth with very unique designs and patterns. People in all over the India like the embroidered cloths very much, so the demand of these cloths is very huge in India. Due to the demand the embroidery workers puts embroidery work in different types of cloths like Saris, Lehenga, Kurta, Sherwani etc. 

Phulkari Embroidery Art of Punjab
Phulkari is one types of very popular embroidery art of Punjab, India. In Punjab people very much like embroidery works due to the attractive design and patterns. Traditionally different types of shapes are stitched on a cloth with varieties of colours to give it a very attractive look. As Panjabi people are very cheerful peoples and always want to be in a joyful mood, so these types of designed cloths are very much liked by them.

Now Punjabi peoples are leaving in different places of India and also in different countries in all over the world. So the Phulkari art products are available in all over the India and also in different countries in all over the world.

Different types of Phulkari art products are also available in online shopping stores. These are many Indian online shopping stores are these those are selling very beautiful and attractive designed Phulkari products. Those peoples are leaving autside of India for them online shopping is very best way to purchasing a Phulkari product. 

The word Phulkari is the combination of two words “Phul” menace flower and Kari menace work is the most famous rural embroidery tradition of the Indian state Punjab. The Phulkari is mentioned in the Punjabi folklore of Heer Ranjha by Waris Shah.

From old ages the Phulkari art is very much popular in India and now days also the popularity is same. So these are some things about the famous art of Punjab.  

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