Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Odisha Great festival "Raja Sankranti".

Raja Sankrati festival always falls in the first day of the month Asara" when the season of rain starts. All over odisha welcomes the rainy season to inaugurates the agricultural year on this special day.

Young Girls swings 

Raja festival is observed for three days festival by the villagers. Specially in cuttack, puri, balasore people celebrate this festival in a great pomp. The first day is called "pahili raja" second day is called
proper raja and the third day is called "basi raja". For this raja festival the women start the sari or dress shopping from the nearest shop or from online shopping.

Specially this function is celebrated by the young girl's and mothers. From the first raja the women's do not cut the vegetables or do not cook the food for three days. In these three days they only wear the new sarees and eats the cakes, poad pitha and so many delicious sweets at the house of friend's and relatives and swings by singing the song.
Try to visit odisha and enjoy the "Raja"festival.

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