Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kerala the Land Of Parasurama

Kerala is a beautiful state in the south-west region of the country India. Kerala is a very important state of the county. As in India major population belongs to Hindu community and Hinduism is the main and old community of the country, so in most of the places are full with temples and mythological stories of Hindu Gods.

Kerala is the state that is which is believed the land of Lord Parasurama.  Lord Parasurama was the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu. So Kerala is also known as Parasurama Kshetram or Land of Parsurama. This place is very much important for Hindu culture peoples. According to Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu was the originator of the world and Lord Brahma was creator and Lord Shiva was the destroyer. Lord Vishnu takes 10 avatars to protect the earth from evils, so these 10 avatars are very special fro Hindu peoples and they worship all avatars. Lord Parasurama was the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu and he spends his most of the time in Kerala so Kerala was the believed a very spiritual place and many Hindu believers come to visit this place in regular intervals.

Sree Parasurama Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
Kerala is also very beautiful in terms of nature, these are many natural beautiful places like waterfall, hills and other places are available those are very beautiful and people very much like to visit these places.

So every year thousands of tourist coming to this beautiful place to visit its natural beauty and to worship Lord Parasurama. The origin peoples of Kerala are very strong believers and they very much believe in Hinduism. So these are thousands of temples are present where many Hindu Gods are present. Kerala is the most educated state in India, here people are very much educated and very skilful, keralian peoples are now present in different countries in all over the world but still they love their country and Land of Parasurama.

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