Monday, June 1, 2015

Five Most popular and Traditional women’s cloths of India

In India cloths of women varies from place to place according to the culture and traditions the cloths of women are different. But most of the Indian women like to wears different varieties of saris. Apart from sari these are some more types of women cloths are available in India those are very popular among women. Some of the popular types of cloths are Ghagra Choli or lehenga choli, SalwarKameez, Churidaar Kurta, Pattu Pavadai/Reshme Langa etc.

Sari: - The saris are most popular female garment in India and all women in all over the India like to wear the sari very much. It is basically a single piece cloth that is also unstitched and available in different types and designs. In different geographical location of India these are some special kinds of saris are produced by the local weavers. Some of the popular saris are sambalpuri sari, Banarasi sari, Mysore silk and Ilkal sari, Kanchipuram sari, Paithani sari, Pattachitra sari etc.

Ghagra Choli or lehenga choli:- The Ghagra Choli or a Lehenga Choli is the traditional clothing that is very popular in states like Rajasthan and Gujarat of India. The Ghagra Choli or lehenga choli are the cloths that women use in day to day life in Rajasthan and Gujarat. In Punjab also women use these cloths and they use these in some of their traditional dance.

Salwar Kameez: - Salwar Kameez is another type of traditional cloth that Indian women very much use in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh. Here in these states women like to wear these Salwar Kameez very much. In different functions and festivals the women wear different designed Salwar Kameez and celebrate the festival.

Churidaar Kurta: Churidaar is another version of salwar that is loose up to knees and then fits the calf below. These types of cloths are very much liked by women in India. And the salwar is a baggy pyjama with pleats which gets narrow at the ankles whereas churidaar fits below the knees with horizontal gathers near the ankles that makes different it from pyjama. These cloths are also traditional and very much popular among Indian women.

So these are some things about the five most popular and traditional women’s cloths of India. 

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