Friday, June 26, 2015

Five Famous Handicrafts of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the very popular states of India. Here very beautiful natural places and manmade beautiful structures are present. The peoples of Tamil Nadu are very hard working and very skilful, they produces very beautiful handicraft products by using very simple things. Some very popular handicrafts of Tamil Nadu are: 

The Tanjore Paintings are famous and one of the most significant art and crafts of the state Tamil Nadu. The unique thing about the Tanjore paintings is that they are done on wood, glass, mica, ivory as well as on walls. Moreover, a thin sheet of gold is used to colour the painting along with primary colours and with very attractive designs. The tanjore paintings on ivory, mica and glass were introduced in the 18th century but still these paintings are very popular among peoples of India.

Tanjore Paintings of Tamil Nadu
The Craft of Making Musical Instruments is another most important and very popular craft of Tamil Nadu as music is very much liked by the peoples of Tamil Nadu, so the art of making musical instruments is regarded as a major craft of this state. People very much like the musical instruments and the handicraft works gets benefits from it.

Another famous and popular craft of Tamil Nadu is the Art of Creating Jewellery. Jewellery is very much liked by the peoples in Old days, not only women men also use many types of Jewelleries in old days, so the Jewellery creating art was very famous in Tamil Nadu. The traditional jewellery of the state is the stone-encrusted jewellery and the most famous ornaments are the gold waist belt etc but now days there are many more varieties are added within it.

Metalwork is another popular craft of Tamil Nadu made with brass and copper materials the handicraft workers of Tamil Nadu produces very beautiful art pieces those are very popular in all over the India.

So these are some things about the famous handicrafts of Tamil Nadu. 

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