Saturday, June 6, 2015

Different Popular Colour’s of Saris in India

Colour is the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans that helps to identify different things. Colours are of different categories. Some of the categories called red, blue, yellow, etc. Colour derives from the spectrum of light the distribution of light power versus wavelength is responsible for different colours.

Colours are very important thing to consider in any kind of attire and in a colourful country like India the colours plays very important role. In India since from the Vedic times, colour symbolism are present in India. In Indian saris has been playing a very important role from the colours point of view.

Sanskrit is the primary liturgical language of Hindu culture, in India this language was taught from ancient days.  In Sanskrit, another word for caste is `varna`, this means colour, and there are some particular colours that are traditionally related to different castes, the colours are those things that we like very much. Different types of colours are present and different people like different colours according to their test.

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In sari also many varieties of colours are available across all over the India. As different women of different states and different geographical locations wearing saris in India, so the choice of colours is different in different regions.

Also according to culture also women prefer to wear different colours of saree. As example in India at the time of marriage most of the Indian brides prefer to wear red colour saris but in some states like Karnataka brides like to wear yellow colour saris. After the death of the husband according to Hindu culture women wearing white colour saris.

Colourful cloths are not only liked by women also men are like colourful cloths very much. These are many online shopping technologies are these those are providing very beautiful designed cloths on their site. In different states of country these are many different types of colourful cloths are produced and also exported to many different countries.  

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