Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Handloom and Handicraft Market Comes Home For Customers

People everywhere now very much busy at their works, in current days 24 hours are not sufficient for peoples. So they require more time due to which they are attracted towards online shopping type simple and easy process.

Online shopping is such a process that is very much helpful for people because in this process these is no driving through heavy traffic, no expense of fuel or transportation, no parking hassles or wastage of time, no waiting in queue for billing and no lugging back heavy packages these problems are completely solved by online shopping technology.

Handloom and handicraft products are very beautiful and contents very hard work of the workers those produces it. Mostly handloom and handicraft manufactures are staying at very far distance villages from cities, so all handloom and handicraft products are not properly available at market places.

Indian Famous Handcrafted Patachitra Saree
But now day’s handloom and handicraft markets are coming to consumer’s homes to sell the very beautiful and attractive products through online shopping technology.
Through online shopping technology people creates e-commerce websites and selling all types of handloom and handicraft products on it. As a website can be operated at any location over the globe and users can use it from anywhere so people by sitting at their home and using their laptop, computer or mobile can browse any website that provides handloom and handicraft products.

Online shopping is very easy where people can easily chose a product out of thousands of product and buys it over online and after some days that product directly reached at their home. Nothing is easier shopping process than this process, so people in all over the world likes this technology very much.

So these are some things about online shopping technology and how handloom and handicraft market comes home for customers.

Monday, June 29, 2015

"Madisar" The Famous Sari for Brahmin community in Tamil Nadu

India is a country where saris are very popular female garment. Every woman in India wants to wear beautiful saris in her day to day life. Many varieties of beautiful and attractive sari designs and stylises are available in different parts of the country India. One of the famous and old saris is “Madisar”.

Madisar saris are mainly worn the by the womenfolk of the Brahmin community in the state of Tamil Nadu in the country India. The Madisar aka Koshavam is the way or process in which the Madisar saris are worn. The Madisars are basically nine-yard length beautiful design saris, those are very popular among Iyer and Iyengar culture women of Tamil Nadu.

Famous Madisar saris of the Brahmins of Tamil Nadu
Madisar saris are very old and traditional saris those are very popular in old days but in current Morden age these saris are not used by women widely but women like to wear Madisar saris in some special occasions like marriage, important Puja and death ceremonies etc.

Now days the Tamil peoples are present in different countries with their families. In these Tamil Families women when want to wear a Madisar sari, they face many difficulties. The main problem was the unavailability of Madisar saris on the local market of those countries and in cost and the lack of design availability.

These problems are solved by the popular online shopping technology; online shopping technology makes available different types of best quality handloom products over internet, so from any location in all over the world any one can buy any product from online shopping stores. So from the online shopping stores those are selling Madisar saris any one from any country can easily chose any beautiful Madisar sari and purchase it easily. So due to online shopping technology day by day the selling of Madisar saris are increasing.     

These are some things about Madisar saris.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

“Meenakshi Amman Temple” The Famous Religious Place Of Tamil Nadu

Meenakshi Amman Temple is a very famous and holy Hindu temple situated at Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu f the country India. The temple is also called as Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple. This temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Maa Parvati (Parvati the consort of Lord Shiva). This temple is dedicated to her and thousands of people every year come to this temple to worship lord Shiva and Maa Parvati.

The name of this temple also called Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple because of the name of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. The other name of Lord Shiva is Sundareswarar and the other name of Maa Parvati is Meenakshi, so the name of the temple was Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple.

Meenakshi Amman Temple of Tamil Nadu
As India is a country where Hindu community people are major according to population and origin, so there are many temples of Hindu gods and goddess are present across all over the country. Thousands of Hindu people are every year coming to visit the temple and worshiping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

The temple is also very beautiful and very fine stone work is produced on different parts of the temple by very skilful artist of India. In those old days these are very few recourses are available for those people but after that by using their skills they crate very beautiful and attractive structures those are still alive, so thousands of people coming here to see the fine art of this temple. This temple becomes the popular religious and tourist place of India.

Tourism plays very important role in development of a local country and the local area where the tourist spot is available. Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple was also plays very important role in development of the local infrastructure of the place.

So these are some things about the famous Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple of Tamil Nadu.    

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kerala the Land Of Parasurama

Kerala is a beautiful state in the south-west region of the country India. Kerala is a very important state of the county. As in India major population belongs to Hindu community and Hinduism is the main and old community of the country, so in most of the places are full with temples and mythological stories of Hindu Gods.

Kerala is the state that is which is believed the land of Lord Parasurama.  Lord Parasurama was the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu. So Kerala is also known as Parasurama Kshetram or Land of Parsurama. This place is very much important for Hindu culture peoples. According to Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu was the originator of the world and Lord Brahma was creator and Lord Shiva was the destroyer. Lord Vishnu takes 10 avatars to protect the earth from evils, so these 10 avatars are very special fro Hindu peoples and they worship all avatars. Lord Parasurama was the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu and he spends his most of the time in Kerala so Kerala was the believed a very spiritual place and many Hindu believers come to visit this place in regular intervals.

Sree Parasurama Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
Kerala is also very beautiful in terms of nature, these are many natural beautiful places like waterfall, hills and other places are available those are very beautiful and people very much like to visit these places.

So every year thousands of tourist coming to this beautiful place to visit its natural beauty and to worship Lord Parasurama. The origin peoples of Kerala are very strong believers and they very much believe in Hinduism. So these are thousands of temples are present where many Hindu Gods are present. Kerala is the most educated state in India, here people are very much educated and very skilful, keralian peoples are now present in different countries in all over the world but still they love their country and Land of Parasurama.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Five Famous Handicrafts of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the very popular states of India. Here very beautiful natural places and manmade beautiful structures are present. The peoples of Tamil Nadu are very hard working and very skilful, they produces very beautiful handicraft products by using very simple things. Some very popular handicrafts of Tamil Nadu are: 

The Tanjore Paintings are famous and one of the most significant art and crafts of the state Tamil Nadu. The unique thing about the Tanjore paintings is that they are done on wood, glass, mica, ivory as well as on walls. Moreover, a thin sheet of gold is used to colour the painting along with primary colours and with very attractive designs. The tanjore paintings on ivory, mica and glass were introduced in the 18th century but still these paintings are very popular among peoples of India.

Tanjore Paintings of Tamil Nadu
The Craft of Making Musical Instruments is another most important and very popular craft of Tamil Nadu as music is very much liked by the peoples of Tamil Nadu, so the art of making musical instruments is regarded as a major craft of this state. People very much like the musical instruments and the handicraft works gets benefits from it.

Another famous and popular craft of Tamil Nadu is the Art of Creating Jewellery. Jewellery is very much liked by the peoples in Old days, not only women men also use many types of Jewelleries in old days, so the Jewellery creating art was very famous in Tamil Nadu. The traditional jewellery of the state is the stone-encrusted jewellery and the most famous ornaments are the gold waist belt etc but now days there are many more varieties are added within it.

Metalwork is another popular craft of Tamil Nadu made with brass and copper materials the handicraft workers of Tamil Nadu produces very beautiful art pieces those are very popular in all over the India.

So these are some things about the famous handicrafts of Tamil Nadu. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

“Gujarat” The Popular Place for Tourist in India

Gujarat is a state that is very popular among tourist; it is the seventh largest state in India, located in the western part of India with a coastline of 1600 km. Tourist very much like the coastline areas of this state.

The state Gujarat very much popular for Great Rann of Kutch and the hills of Saputara, these places are very much liked by the tourist. Gujarat is the sole home of the pure Asiatic lions and is considered to be one of the most important protected areas in Asia so people from different parts of India and from other countries come to this place to visit it.

Along with in Gujarat there are varieties of beautiful arts and crafts are present, so tourist like to see these handloom and handicraft arts of Gujarat and also want to buy some handloom and handicraft products, so every year thousands of people coming to this place and visit the place.

Handcrafted bags of Gujarat

Due to the tourism the handloom and handicraft industry of Gujarat increasing day by day. The tourist those are coming to Gujarat for visiting they see the beautiful designed handicraft and handloom products of Gujarat and buy them and bring them with them and then their friends and other peoples in their country see these products and want to buy, so in this way the demand of the Gujarat handicraft and handloom products are increases due to tourism.

Due to the fine arts and beautiful structures of Gujarat people want to visit this place. So because of this now Gujarat becomes very popular tourist place of India, where more than 18.9 million tourists coming every year to visit. This also affects the economy of the local area and also to the economy of the country.

So these are some things about the famous state Gujarat and about the Tourism of it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Varanasi the Most Religious and Tourist Place of India

Varanasi is one of the very religious spot of India and also believed that it is the oldest civilizations in India. This is holly place according to Hindu community peoples, so millions of people very year coming to this place for performing the last rites of their relatives and dear ones, these spots where Hindu community people performing the last rites of their relatives and dear ones are popularly known as the ghats and people of Hindu community very much respect these places.

Varanasi situated on the banks of River Ganga, according to Hindu community Peoples River Ganga is the holy and spiritual river. So the city Varanasi considered being very spiritual and anyone can feel the spirituality and the calmness that prevails in this city.

Varanasi: A holy place for hindu pilgrims
Very year people from different countries coming to the city Varanasi to feel the spiritual things and to relax from work load and depression. So people enjoy a lot at this place and know more and more about Hindu culture and Hindu traditions.   

This is a fine place of art lovers and historians, some very popular peoples like Rai Krishnadasa, his son Anand Krishna, musicians Omkarnath Thakur, Ravi Shankar, Bismillah Khan, Girija Devi, Siddheshwari Devi, Lalmani Misra and his son Gopal Shankar Misra, Thakur Rajbhan Singh, N. Rajam, Anokhelal Mishra, Samta Prasad, Kanthe Maharaj, Sitara Devi, Gopi Krishna, Kishan Maharaj, Rajan and Sajan Mishra, Chhannulal Mishra and numerous others have kept the city alive to the spiritual aspect of fine arts in addition to their ability to entertain, so this place is very special and people love to visit it.

There are many festivals are celebrated that preserve traditional styles of classical and folk culture. This place is equivalent to haven for Hindu Peoples.

So these are some things about varanasi the most religious and tourist place of India.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Benefits of Handicraft Products Shopping From Online Stores

Handicraft products are very beautiful and very eye catching. Everyone like handicraft products and wants to buy and decorate their home and office with beautiful handicraft products.

In India these are many different types of handicraft products are produced by very talented and skilful artist. The handicraft artist or manufactures are mainly staying at villages those are in far distance from metro cities. So people face difficulties in buying and selling the handicraft products.

Online shopping technology is such a technology that is very helpful in solving the problem of the handicraft products buyer and sellers. Through online shopping technology buyers can sell their products easily by staying at their home and earn good money and buyers can easily buy a good handicraft product by sitting at their home in very easily, so people now days very much like this online shopping technology.

Handcrafted Patachitra Painting Available Online
These are different types of benefits are present while some one buying a handicraft product from any online shopping store. Both buyer and sellers are beneficial from these types of selling. Buyers get more types of and different varieties of choices of handicraft products by sitting at their home. They also buy a product easily at their home; they don’t need to go anywhere that saves their time and money. Also products are easily and in less cost reached at their home that is very much advantageous for the buyers. Due to these benefits now days people in all over the world preferring online shopping technology for buy handicraft products.

Sellers also getting many benefits from this service they also get more customers and selling more number of products that makes them more beneficial. That why most of the handicraft manufactures now focussing on selling their products on online market through online shopping technology. 

So these are some things about the benefits of handicraft products shopping from online stores.

Monday, June 22, 2015

“Hawa Mahal” The Palace of the Winds

Hawa mahal or Palace of the Winds is a very beautiful palace situated at pink city Jaipur. The name of the palace is Hawa mahal because it was essentially a high screen wall built. It is created for the women of the royal household could observe street festivities while unseen from the outside. This palace was made with red and pink sandstones.

These are many other palaces and attractive places are present in Jaipur, so people from different parts of India and also from outside of India coming to this place and enjoys the beauty of this city.   

The Hawa mahal palace was built in 1799 by King “Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh” and this palace was designed by Lal Chand Ustad in the form of the crown of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the famous Hindu god. The Hawa mahal is looks like a crown of Lord Krishna.

Hawa mahal is located at the south part of the Jaipur city, at the main road intersection called the Badi Chaupad . The city ‘Jaipur’ is well connected by road, rail and air links with the rest of the country, so tourist can easily reach at this palace.

Another beautiful tourist places of Odisha are Jal Mahal, City Palace, Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort,Sri kali Temple, Birla Mandir, Sanganeri Gate and the Jaipur Zoo etc.

Jaipur is also very famous for handicraft and handloom products, there are very famous handicraft and handloom products are available in Jaipur. Some famous crafts of jaipur are bandhani, block printing, stone carving and sculpture, tarkashi, zari, gota, kinari and zardozi, silver jewellery, gems, kundan, meenakari and jewellery, miniature paintings, blue pottery, ivory carving, shellac work, leather ware etc.

Now days many jaipuri handicraft and handloom products are available in different places if India and also in online markets. So these are some things about Hawa mahal and jaipur city. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tourism Helps in Development of Indian Handloom and Handicraft Industry

India is a big country, which is full of arts, cultures and very beautiful natural places. From ancient days Indian skilled artists created very beautiful structures those are still present and attracts the tourist from all over the world. Every year thousands of tourists from different countries of all over the world coming to see the natural beauty and beautiful structures produce by the Indian artist.

Tourism helps Indian peoples in different ways, through tourism many people earning money by different ways. As example some people working as travel guide and showing the different beautiful places of India to the tourist and through this earning some money. Some people are engaged on transportation and earn some money through this.

Tourism also helps in development of Indian handloom and handicraft industry. When tourist from different countries coming to India to visit different natural beautiful places or other important places at that time they see the Indian handloom and handicraft products and most of the people like the products very much and purchasing it and bring items with them.

Through this the handloom and handicraft products manufactures get more consumers those purchase their products, so by more products selling they earn more profit.
Another possibility is when the tourist brings the handloom and handicraft products with them, then at their country other people see the products and many like them and wants to buy the same products, so in that way more consumes increases that helps in development of the whole industry.

As due to tourism in all over the world the demand of the Indian handloom and handicraftproducts increases, the products are now available on online market for purchasing of peoples in all over the world. These are many Indian online shopping stores are present; those are providing many valuable and beautiful handloom and handicraft products.

So these are some discussion about how tourism helps in development of Indian handloom and handicraft lndustry.

Happy Father's day - Love your dad.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

“Phulkari” The Most Famous Rural Embroidery Tradition of Punjab

Embroidery is a very popular art form in India. The embroidery is the art produced by stitching a cloth with very unique designs and patterns. People in all over the India like the embroidered cloths very much, so the demand of these cloths is very huge in India. Due to the demand the embroidery workers puts embroidery work in different types of cloths like Saris, Lehenga, Kurta, Sherwani etc. 

Phulkari Embroidery Art of Punjab
Phulkari is one types of very popular embroidery art of Punjab, India. In Punjab people very much like embroidery works due to the attractive design and patterns. Traditionally different types of shapes are stitched on a cloth with varieties of colours to give it a very attractive look. As Panjabi people are very cheerful peoples and always want to be in a joyful mood, so these types of designed cloths are very much liked by them.

Now Punjabi peoples are leaving in different places of India and also in different countries in all over the world. So the Phulkari art products are available in all over the India and also in different countries in all over the world.

Different types of Phulkari art products are also available in online shopping stores. These are many Indian online shopping stores are these those are selling very beautiful and attractive designed Phulkari products. Those peoples are leaving autside of India for them online shopping is very best way to purchasing a Phulkari product. 

The word Phulkari is the combination of two words “Phul” menace flower and Kari menace work is the most famous rural embroidery tradition of the Indian state Punjab. The Phulkari is mentioned in the Punjabi folklore of Heer Ranjha by Waris Shah.

From old ages the Phulkari art is very much popular in India and now days also the popularity is same. So these are some things about the famous art of Punjab.  

Friday, June 19, 2015

Best Quality Embroidery Work of India

Embroidery in India is a very famous and important art. This embroidery art includes dozens of regional embroidery styles that vary by region to region in all over the country. The various designs in Indian embroidery are formed on the basis of the texture and the design of the fabric embroidery was done and the stitch. All kinds of embroidery works are very much liked by the women n all over the India.

The designs like dot and the alternate dot, the circle, the square, the triangle etc are the base of embroidery and permutations and combinations of these constitute the very attractive patterns and good design on the textiles. Then the textiles or cloths are used in different things like for sari and other cloths for women, men and kids etc.
Mostly embroidery works on saris are very popular in all over the India and also outside of India women like the embroidery art very much. Different embroidery designed saris are very much appreciated by the women in different countries in all over the world.

Famous patachitra sarees 
Now days these are many Indian handloom product manufactures or handloom artist adopt the embroidery art and try to produce more and more good designed sari, kurts, salwar, shits and other cloths with adding very attractive embroidery work on it.

As Indian handloom weavers do very hard work and produces very unique designs and very fine quality of handwork on different cloths, so people in all over the world like Indian embroidery work very much and many Indian people exporting the different embroidery products from India to different countries in all over the world.

Mostly Indian embroidered saris are very popular among women in all over the world. In different countries women want to wear fine designed embroidered saris of India. 
The embroidered work products are now available on online shopping sites that very much helpful for peoples in order to fulfil their needs. 

So these are some gossips about Indian embroidery work and their demand in all over the world.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Online Designer Sari Shopping in India

In India saris are very popular among women, every woman want to wear very good designer sari. In India there are many good designers are present those designing good designer sari for fashion industry and for film industry. In all over the India bollywood moves are very much popular and Indian people very much like their favorite actors and actress. Especially women always want to war he bollywood designer saris.

As in India the demand of designer saris are very huge so many people are engaged in the work of sari manufacturing and selling. In big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc these are many big shops and malls are present those are selling designer saris.
Also there are many online shopping stores are available those are selling very beautiful designer saris. And online shopping is also very helpful for Indian women for purchasing.

Best collection of Patachitra Sarees available online
Purchasing a designer sari from online shopping store is easier and better because from online shopping store you can get more varieties of products that you can’t get from traditional shops. And also it is very easy to purchasing a designer sari from a online shopping store because you just need to select the product and order it, your product directly reached to your home. So online shopping is easier than shopping from a shop.        

Also purchasing a designer sari from online shopping store is cheaper than purchasing from shops, so women in all over the India prefer to purchase a designer sari from online shopping store.

In India many online shops providing this service, as these are many online shopping sites are available those selling textile products but not all are selling designer sari, only few sites are providing designer sari at their online store but as per the demand the number increasing day by day.

So these are some things about online designer sari shopping in India. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Indian Women Like To Wear Bollywood Designer Saris

Bollywood is the popular film industry of India or the Hindi language film industry, based in Mumbai, India. The Indian people very much like movies and also the movie actors. The Indian people follow their favourite bollywood stars in different ways.

Bollywood movies are not only in India also in all over the world, very much appreciated by the peoples. In India sari is the most popular female garment and sari gives very attractive look to women, so in most of the bollywood movies heroin’s used saris to have a very attractive look. There are many good cloths designers are present in bollywood film industry, those designed very beautiful designed saris for different movies.

Stylish Sarees for Modern Women

The Indian women when see the movies they like the saris very much and another thing is their favourite actress wearied sari encouraged them to purchase and wear the sari. So the Indian women like to wear the bollywood designer saris.

The demand of the bollywood designed saris is very huge in all over the India and also in other countries also women like to wears the bollywood designed saris.

In big shops the bollywood designed saris are available in very high cost but now days the bollywood designed saris are available in online market in a reasonable cost that helps the women those are belongs from middle class families. These women can fulfil their wish of wearing designer saris of bollywood. Online shopping store are very much helpful in this case, so most of the women in India like this new technology of shopping very much.

Another thing is bollywood designer saris are only available in big shops of cities, so in different cities of other parts of India, women can’t have access to buy a bollywood designer sari easily but online shopping technology solves this problem by making available these saris for them in an easier way.  

So these are a little discussion about the bollywood designer saris and their demand among Indian women.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Traditional Indian Wedding Saris and Their Popularity

Sari is an essential female garment in India. Most of the women like to wear saris in her day to day life. In this Morden age most of the Indian women in cities wearing western cloths but still they like to wear saris in different occasions. In villages women every day wearing sari, apart from thee in special occasions all Indian women wants to wear good designed and beautiful colour saris.

Marriage is an important occasion in all over the world and in India it is a very special occasion. Indian grooms and brides are very excited during their marriage, as in Hindu culture marriage is very important, so all people want to enjoy a lot during the marriage function. Especially brides and grooms wants to look special during their marriage function.

Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees Bridal collection 

For better look Indian brides chose special types of handloom saris those are made with silk fabric and with red colour, these saris are well known as wedding sari in India.

A wedding sari is the traditional wedding dresses those Indian women like very much to wear during their wedding function. The wedding sari is traditionally red in colour, with golden embroidery work. But in some states like Kerala brides prefer to wear yellow, golden, white or cream saris with gold embroidery work.

Nowadays Indian brides preferring many modern designed cloths during their marriage like designer saris, designer lehenga, choli etc. But most if the brides prefer the colour red and the silk fabric.

The Indian women those are leaving in different countries outside of India are also preferred to wear sari during their marriage function. Many online shopping store is available those are providing good quality handloom saris for brides.

So these are some things about the Indian brides and traditional Indian wedding dress or traditional Indian wedding saris and their demand.  

Monday, June 15, 2015

Online shopping in Odisha

Odisha is a beautiful sate of the country India. Here people improving their life style day by day by day. The people of Odisha are very religious and very much love their culture and traditions, now days due to industrialization; the peoples of Odisha spending their most of the times in companies and offices for doing their professional work for earning. 

Online shopping is a new technology for the peoples of Odisha, now days the online shopping growing in the Odisha market in a better way. People want many products in their daily file to maintain a happy life style, and they get those products through shopping. Traditionally people depend on local market and local shops for shopping. But online shopping is a new technology that provides the same service but in a better, cheaper and easier way. So people like this very much.

Women of Odisha now like to shop online
In Odisha people wants to good products i less cost and in an easier way, so online shopping is the perfect solution for them. In Odisha day by day the people are adopting education and there are a lots of educated people are leaving in Odisha, those are aware about internet banking and e-commerce. These people are know the advantages of e-commerce and online shopping, so day by day the popularity of online shopping increasing in Odisha. 
Thousands of young girls and boys of Odisha are now focusing their attention on online shopping in current scenario. Maximum college going peoples are very much conscious about their look and style, so for them online shopping is a way that fulfil their needs.

There are many handlooms and handicrafts are present in Odisha, those are not properly available in markets, but online shopping stores make it available for peoples in all over the Odisha for buying and using for different purposes.

Due to all the above reasons people in all over the Odisha like the online shopping technology and day by day the popularity of online shopping increasing in Odisha.     

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Importance of shopping in current scenario

Shopping is a very important activity that we like very much and also very much required to carried out our happy life style. Or we can say shopping is an activity in which a customer or consumer can browses the available of various types of goods or different types of services available by one or more retailers with the intent to purchase a suitable product of them. This is also very important from economic point of view. 

In modern age customers are now more preferring or focusing towards online shopping; in all over the world people order products from different regions and onlineretailers deliver their products to their homes, offices or any other place where they want their products. Online shopping made it very easy for consumers to select any product online from a retailer's website and have it delivered to the consumer within very less time. In this process the consumer does not need to consume their energy by going out to the stores, they saves their time and cost of travelling. So it is very effective process for them.

stay healthy with your shopping habit
But we can say that many be online shopping or traditional shopping both are very good essential for us. We need many things in our day to day life, as example food, clothes, jewellery, household products and other many products those make our life easy. We can get those products from a market or shop may be that placed near to our home or placed over internet.

We required lots of products and services for maintaining our day to day life. So need to purchase those products from shops are the place where many shops are available we called it a market place. The markets are available in all over the world, in each geographical location.   

So these are some things about the shopping and importance of this process. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Why Girls Are So Crazy About Shopping?

Shopping is a magical word for girls and women. The meaning of shopping is differs from person to person. For some shopping is a necessary thing that provides necessary products those we need for our life and for some peoples shopping is a fun. Mostly girls and middle age women are very much crazy about shopping for them shopping is an important part of life, and when a group of women gathered and go for shopping together when the products of the whole worlds can’t capable of satisfying their need.

Crazy Girl in Shopping
Most of the girls love to have new and variety of products or materials. In the present world every girl wants to looks stylish and beautiful. Today for every girl to look stylish and beautiful is a very become an important factor and shopping plays an important role in it. Every girl wants to look better than the other. So shopping for cosmetics, clothes, bags, sandals, shoes, etc has become a daily routine. All girls love the attention of people, so they spend lots of time and money on cloth, jewellery and cosmetics. Also, it makes them feel happy to wear all these things.

For girls shopping time is a time when they talk about many things with her friends and spends a good time. I.e. shopping means fun for girls. Also some girls say that shopping makes them happy and release stress. Girls generally like variety in their clothing. They need to have new collection every week.  So shopping has become a part of their daily life. Being well-dressed and looking good is very important for girls, they can prefer new and different things in very day, and in this process shopping is an important thing for them.

So these are some gossips about the girl’s craziness about shopping.  

Friday, June 12, 2015

Traditional Cloths of Bhojpuri Region

Bhojpuri language is language a very popular and well known language in India. The region where the Bhojpuri language was spoken as a native is called the Bhojpuri region. In some parts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal people speak Bhojpuri language.

Culture of Bhojpuri region is most ancient culture of North India. The Bhojpuri region is very old region and its culture is very rich. Bhojpuri People likes their culture and traditions very much.

Ladies of Bhojpuri Region with Traditional Sarees

Also Bhojpuri people like their cloths very much; traditional cloths for men in Bhojpuri region are Dhoti-Kurta or Kurta-Payjama. Indian people like the turban (Pagri). Like men women cloths of the Bhojpuri region are, Lehnga, Ghaghra choli, (Ghaghra choli is more preferred to worn during regional folk dances, celebrations or wedding), but most of the women wear Sari or Salwar Kameez during other times in all over the year.

Now days in Bhojpuri region, men prefer to wear western cloths like Shirt, Pant, T-shirt and Denim etc and women especially girls prefer to wear different western outfits.  
Cloths are varying during different seasons, during winters; both men and women cover their body with a Shaal and wear many warm clothes in this region. Like that the clothing style changes during different seasons.

Mostly Ghaghra choli are of this region are very popular in all over the India and also in different countries. As Ghaghra choli are the cloths those are used during the folk dances of the Bhojpuri region, so the Bhojpuri people like this very much as a special traditional cloth.

Now days the famous Bhojpuri Ghaghra choli and other regional cloths of the Bhojpuri region are available on online shopping store. These are many online shopping stores in India and outside of India those are providing the traditional Bhojpuri cloths.

So these are some discussion about the traditional culture of Bhojpuri region and the popular cloths.   

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Beautiful State “GOA” and the Culture of This Place

GOA is a very beautiful state located in the West India region of the Konkan, the state GOA is surrounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, and the Arabian Sea forms its western coast of GOA, the beach of GOA is very popular in all over the world, people from different countries coming to this place to spend a quality time in their vacation.

 GOA is a small state in India. This is India's smallest state according to area and the fourth smallest according to population. People of Goa wear clothing as per its tropical climate and the old tradition of this beautiful place. Clothes made with cotton materials are ideal for tropical climate and in Goa also people prefer to wear cotton clothes very much.  Therefore, most of the clothes inGoa are inspired by the weather and cotton.

Goanese women like Indian traditional sarees

As Goa is a very famous tourists place, so millions of tourists throughout the year from all over the world coming to this place, as Goa famous for its panoramic beaches, so people come to Goa to spend quality time with their friends and families. So clothes those are suitable for beaches and summing are also very much in demand in Goa. 
Catholic Peoples of Goa:

Goa is a place which is very much inspired with Portuguese cultures, as Portuguese rules this place for many years. Catholics people have different culture than Indian people, so the people of Goa are maintain mixture of Indian and Portuguese cultures.
Portuguese peoples came to Goa in the year 1510, and people of Goa adopted the culture of Portuguese but also kept following their traditions, customs and Hindu caste system, so they are consider as a mixed culture people.

So these are some things about the famous tourist place GOA and about the culture of the peoples of this place. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Car Festival of Odisha.

Car Festival or" Ratha Yatra" is the most important festival of Lord jagannath on 18july 2015 and the Bahuda yatra will be held  on 26th july 2015. This festival is always originated in puri. This is  so much colorful festival of odisha, million's of devotees comes from various parts of the country to pray Lord Jagannath.

From Snana Purnima the festival begins, after 15 days the three deities Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Maa Shubhadra comes out from the temple in a colorful procession to the Ratha, and thereafter the Rath Yatra journey begins.

On this time the three deities wear the traditional khandua silk saree and the purohit also wear the handloom silk sarees. Lord Jagannath always loves to wear khandua silk.

The chariot of Lord Jagannath is called "Nandighose"and the chariots of Lord Balabhadra called "Taladwaja" and the chariot of Maa Shubhadra called "Devadalan".

The cahriots are pulled by several thousand's  devotees at a time. Many women's wear new saree
to pulled the rope on car festival.Lord Jagannath, the lord of universe. Visit to puri and enjoy the colorful festival "Ratha Yatra".
                                                " Jai Jagannath"

“Chinnalapattu” The Famous South Indian Sari And Its Demand In Market

Chinnalapattu saris are very popular and well known sari in all over the South India. In all south Indian states women very much like to wear this sari in different occasions and in day to day life. This is a traditional sari of Tamil Nadu. As the name suggest the Chinnalapattu sari is produced in the village Chinnalapatti a panchayat town in Dindigul district. This is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

As these saris are traditional saris of Tamil Nadu, so women like these saris from traditional point of view, but the saris are very beautiful and very unique and good designed saris those are very attractive and women in all over the Tamil Nadu and south India like to wear these saris very much.

Famous South Indian Saree Chinnalapattu 
Initially these saris are only popular in south India but in latter time in all over the India women appreciate the design and quality of the Chinnalapattu sari and love to wear Chinnalapattu saris indifferent occasions.

Another very important thing about these saris is in Far-East, Africa, Sri Lanka and Middle-East countries also the sari is very popular among women. So many people are doing the exporting job of the Chinnalapattu from India to many different countries.

As the demand of these saris are very huge so now days thee saris are also produced in Surat, Gujarat and supplied to different state of Indian and different countries in all over the world.

These saris are also available on many online shopping stores now days. Many Indian and frozen online shopping stores providing the Chinnalapattu sari on their online shopping site. This makes easier for the Chinnalapattu sari lovers to get a good Chinnalapattu sari according to their choice. Now women in all over the world easily get the Chinnalapattu sari for their use.

So these are some things about the Chinnalapattu sari of Tamil Nadu and their demand.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Odisha Great festival "Raja Sankranti".

Raja Sankrati festival always falls in the first day of the month Asara" when the season of rain starts. All over odisha welcomes the rainy season to inaugurates the agricultural year on this special day.

Young Girls swings 

Raja festival is observed for three days festival by the villagers. Specially in cuttack, puri, balasore people celebrate this festival in a great pomp. The first day is called "pahili raja" second day is called
proper raja and the third day is called "basi raja". For this raja festival the women start the sari or dress shopping from the nearest shop or from online shopping.

Specially this function is celebrated by the young girl's and mothers. From the first raja the women's do not cut the vegetables or do not cook the food for three days. In these three days they only wear the new sarees and eats the cakes, poad pitha and so many delicious sweets at the house of friend's and relatives and swings by singing the song.
Try to visit odisha and enjoy the "Raja"festival.

The Traditional Cloths of Bihar, India

The Bihar is a very important state of India, this place have many legends and this land produces may legendary peoples. The state Bihar is a place where people very much respect their cultures and traditions. These are many arts and crafts are also present in this state.

The traditional cloths of the Bihar are similar like other Indian states. Mainly the traditional dresses in Bihar include the dhoti-kurta for men and Ghagra-Choli for women, Bihari men very much like to wear dhoti-kurta where as Bihari women like to wear ghagra choli, but ghagra choli is limited to folk dances or celebrations and is considered the ancient or historical dress of women of Bihar, women in Bihar also like to wear saris like other women in different states of India. In everyday life women wear sari or Kameez-Salwar according to their choice.

Famous Salwar Kameez for Bihari Women Available Online
Now days due to modernization, peoples in all over the India wearing Morden clothes like casual clothes as example jeans pants and T-shirts and those peoples are working in offices they are preferring formal shirt and pants at offices. Women and girls of Bihar also preferring to wear western designed cloths in their day to day life in current days.

But people of Bihar still remember their culture and traditions, during festivals they prefer to wear their traditional cloths that is men like to wear different kinds of dhoti-kurta and women wear very beautiful types of saris or ghagra choli during times of festivals.

Due to this reason the traditional cloths of Bihar are still manufactured in bulk amount and provided to all over the Bihar and all over the India, as now days Bihari peoples are leaving in different states of India.

Now days many online shopping sites also providing various types of Bihari cloths at their shopping store, these shows the popularity of the traditional Bihari clothes.  
So these are some things about the traditional Bihari cloths.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Opinions of Young boys and girls about shopping From Online Shopping Stores

Online shopping is a very important and popular technology that provides many advantages to people who are using it, so it is very much liked by the young and old peoples in all over the world, so the young boys and girls in all over the world, now days very much like to using the online shopping technology for maximum of their shopping works. Let’s discuss about the point of view of the young boys and girls and their opinion about online shopping technology.

Let’s start with boys, boys thinking and style are different from girls, also now in current scenario boys need to do many types of works for home, foe study and others, like they need to have more focus on their studies to secure their feature, because of the competition for getting a good job in current days, the young boys should have to do some house hold works for their home and for their parents, they need to spend some quality time with friends and other many things they need to do, so the young boys don’t have enough time to spend for small things like shopping and others, so online shopping is such a thing that savers their valuable time and give them more time to do other things in a better way.

Stylish collection of Salwar Kurta for young ladies available online

Like boys, young girls also have to do many things in their day to day life, like they also need to focus on their study and also help in house hold works and many other things at home. As girls very much like to shop things but going to shop to shop menace travelling is very much liked by the girls, so online shopping is a best choice for them. Because of these reasons many young peoples in all over the world using the online shopping technology.

So these are some things about the online shopping and the young boys and girls opinion about it in all over the world. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Why Most of Indian women prefer cotton sari for daily use

Sari is a traditional and also very popular garment for women in India. Women in Indian wear the sari every day. So it needs to be very comfortable and suitable for wearing for whole day. As women in India like to wear saris very much and according to Hindu culture and traditional point of view sari so very important for Indian women, so these are many types of saris of different colours, designs and materials are available in different areas of the country India.

According to the material there are many types of saris are available but silk and cotton are very popular among them. Silk saris and cotton saris are very much liked by Indian women but the use if these saris are different. Mostly silk saris are preferred by the women during festivals or special occasions where as cotton saris are such types of saris those are wearied by the women in every day during their day to day life.

Handloom Cotton Sarees available online
Now a question comes why most of Indian women prefer to wear cotton sari in their day to day life?

May be the smoothness and comfortable nature of cottons materials is a major cause of it. As cotton is a very soft material and it is very good for skin so when we wear cloths made by it, we feel relaxing and comfortable, because of this most of the people in all over the world like to wear different types of cotton cloths. In India also as women need to wear saris every day so they prefer such materials those are good for her skin and also very comfortable to handle the whole day. In this case cotton saris are best option for them, so most of the Indian women prefer to wear cotton saris in their day to day life.     

Also Indian women like the silk sari because the silk saris are very shining and very good looking and gives a attractive look to the women those are wearing it. But the silk saris are not as much as comfortable like cotton saris. So women prefer to wear silk saris in special occasions and festivals and cotton saris in their day to day life.

These are many online shops now days providing very beautiful and attractive cotton saris, cotton handloom saris etc in their online shopping stores. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Different Popular Colour’s of Saris in India

Colour is the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans that helps to identify different things. Colours are of different categories. Some of the categories called red, blue, yellow, etc. Colour derives from the spectrum of light the distribution of light power versus wavelength is responsible for different colours.

Colours are very important thing to consider in any kind of attire and in a colourful country like India the colours plays very important role. In India since from the Vedic times, colour symbolism are present in India. In Indian saris has been playing a very important role from the colours point of view.

Sanskrit is the primary liturgical language of Hindu culture, in India this language was taught from ancient days.  In Sanskrit, another word for caste is `varna`, this means colour, and there are some particular colours that are traditionally related to different castes, the colours are those things that we like very much. Different types of colours are present and different people like different colours according to their test.

Colourful Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees Available Online
In sari also many varieties of colours are available across all over the India. As different women of different states and different geographical locations wearing saris in India, so the choice of colours is different in different regions.

Also according to culture also women prefer to wear different colours of saree. As example in India at the time of marriage most of the Indian brides prefer to wear red colour saris but in some states like Karnataka brides like to wear yellow colour saris. After the death of the husband according to Hindu culture women wearing white colour saris.

Colourful cloths are not only liked by women also men are like colourful cloths very much. These are many online shopping technologies are these those are providing very beautiful designed cloths on their site. In different states of country these are many different types of colourful cloths are produced and also exported to many different countries.