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Traditional Dhaniakhali handloom saris of West Bengal

Handloom saris are very much popular among Indian women. Most of the women in India like to wear different types of handloom saris. Dhaniakhali handloom saris of West Bengal are one of the very popular types of sari in all over the India. Dhaniakhali is a place Chinsurah subdivision in Hooghly district. Hooghly district is situated in the Indian state of West Bengal. Here in this place very beautiful handloom saris are produced those are very popular in the name of Dhaniakhali handloom saris of West Bengal.

According to the news paper “The Times of India”, Dhaniakhali, Shantipur and Phulia are very popular or well–known for the traditional handloom saris of West Bengal. Here in this place these are many good handloom sari weavers are present those produces or weave very attractive and beautiful saris. Dhaniakhali block is a place which is produces very huge amount of handloom saris and here every household has at least one loom. The handloom sari produced here is named after the place Dhaniakhali. So the name of the saris is Dhaniakhali handloom saris. , Shantipur and Phulia are also very popular for its production of beautiful and unique handloom saris.

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Another thing is Dhaniakhali handloom saris are not so much costly, a simple Dhaniakhali sari costs as Rs. 100 only in market but the weaver gets only Rs. 50 after working two days (10–12 hours each day), to weave the sari. Another most exotic types of saris take four to five days to weave but the weavers gets only Rs. 450, and is sold at market in the prise Rs. 800. From this it is clear that the sellers getting maximum of profit where as wavers are not so much benefited after doing very hard labour. This is the reason, now many weavers are diverted their attention on doing some another types of work for maintaining a good lifestyle. But still there are some weavers are present those are wavering saris only to maintain their culture and tradition of sari making.

These are some facts about Traditional Dhaniakhali handloom saris of West Bengal. 

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