Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kumbakonam Sari of Tamil Nadu and Its Popularity in India

Kumbakonam is a very beautiful town and also a special grade municipality. This town situated in the Thanjavur district in the southeast part of the country Indian state, in the state of Tamil Nadu. This town Kumbakonam is very popular for its fine and best quality saris. Here in this Kumbakonam town very beautiful saris are produced those are very much liked by the women in all over the country, India.  

The economic condition of this Kumbakonam is good these are many income sources are available here. Some important income sources are include brass, bronze, copper and lead vessels, silk and cotton cloths, sugar, indigo and pottery etc production. Apart from all the production work here in Kumbakonam these are very beautiful and old temples of Hindu gods are present so many tourist are coming for visiting this place every day. So this is also a major income source of this place.

Famous Kumbakonam Saree
Here majority population are belongs to Hindu community. So this cloths and life style of the peoples are according to Hindu culture and traditions. So most of the women in Kumbakonam like to wear saris, here many varieties of saris are available but a special kind of sari is produced here by the fine weavers of this place. These saris are known as Kumbakonam saris. South Indian women very much like to wear these saris but in other parts of India also women chose these Kumbakonam saris in special occasions.  

Women in all over the India like these Kumbakonam saris very much, so the demand of the Kumbakonam saris is very huge in India. Old days online transporters are provide these saris in different states markets in all over the country India but now days online shopping helps consumer in getting the Kumbakonam saris in a better and easier way.

So these are some things about the famous Kumbakonam sari of Tamil Nadu and its popularity in India.

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