Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Indian Wedding and wedding cloths liked by Indian brides and grooms

Marriage or wedding is a very important function in all over the world, people everywhere want celebrate this function in a very effective and organised way. Especially in India marriage is a function that combines two families together, so all families and relatives together celebrate this function. In India these are many regions and in each region these are people differs from each other in language, clothing style, culture and traditions. Marriage function is also differs from region to region according to the people. As example the marriage function celebrated in west Bengal is a little bit different from marriage factions celebrated in Odisha and marriage functions or the traditions of south Indian marriage is different from other parts of the India. 

According to place and region clothing style of people are different in different marriage cultures. That is in south Indian marriage brides and grooms like to wear south Indian traditional cloths and in odisha, west Bengal, Assam, Punjab etc states bride and groom like to wear their traditional cloths. But in all regions most of the brides like to wear saris and groom like to wear dhoti kurta or kurta pajam. Saris are the most important cloth in Indian wedding functions.

Patachitra Saree: Best wedding wear for Indian Brides
These are many varieties of saris available in India and Indian brides like to wear the best sari according to their culture and traditions at their marriage. As example in west Bengal most of the brides like to wear banarasi pata sari at their marriages and odia brides like to wear beautiful red pata saris at their marriages. In other parts of India also brides like to wear the special designed or special sari of their region at their marriage.

Now days online shopping make available many varieties of saris for the brides and different types of men wears for grooms, So most of the people now days doing shopping on online shopping sites. 

These are some things about Indian Wedding and wedding cloths liked by Indian brides and grooms.

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