Friday, May 29, 2015

How Online Shopping Technology Helps in Development of Sonepuri Sari

In India now day’s people are very much using the online shopping technology. So the demand of many rare products is increases in domestic as well as online market. Mostly women cloths and accessories are very much in demand because of online shopping technology. Also some special types of products like handloom saris and other handloom products and handicrafts products those are very rarely available in domestic markets those things are available in online markets in a huge quantity. Some of the products like Sonepuri Sari are very famous in this category.  

Sonepuri Sari is produced by the “Bhulia” community of Subarnapur district of Orissa in the country India. This sari is also known as or Bomkai Sari, this particular Sari or the famous sari designs Bomkai are the traditional designs that was produced in the village named Bomkai of Ganjam district of Orissa. Sonepur handloom sarees, Sonepuri paatas and silk sarees are popular items displayed at various fashion shows in all over the world but these saris are still woven in a small village by the handloom weavers those are only using their hand and very simple handmade tools for producing these saris.

Sonepuri Sarees available online
So these Sonepuri Sari or Bomkai Sari is not available in huge amount in different markets, because for these weavers it is very difficult to carry the products from their village to big cities, so the weavers sell their products in very less prise in their local market.

These types of problems of the Sonepuri Sari or Bomkai Sari are solved by the online shopping technology. Through the online shopping technology now these products are available not only in India but also in all over the world. Now consumers only need to search their favourite product in online shopping sites through internet and order the products that they like very much and the product directly reached to their home easily.
Through this online shopping technology the weavers gets many benefits and now they are more focussing on this handloom sari development.

So these are some things how online shopping technology helps in development of Sonepuri Sari or Bomkai Sari.  

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