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Five very Famous Cotton Saris of Odisha

Odisha is a state of the country India. Here women prefer to wear different types of beautiful saris. Due to women like to wear saris, so the demand of the saris are very huge in Odisha. So the handloom weavers of the Odisha are produce many varieties of cotton, cotton and other types of saris make them available for women of Odisha. Cotton saris are very much preferred by the women during summer season. Top five cotton saris available in Odisha are: Sambalpuri Cotton sari, Ikkat Cotton sari, Bomkai Cotton sari, Khandua Cotton sari and sonepuri Cotton sari. These five types of Cotton saris are very famous and women in all over the world like these saris very much. Let discuss about these five famous cotton saris:-

Sambalpuri cotton sari: The Sambalpuri cotton saris are traditional handwoven cotton saris. These Sambalpuri saris are well known because of their incorporation of beautiful traditional motifs and designs. Beautiful motifs like shankha (shell), chakra (wheel) and phula (flower) are some beautiful motifs are designed on these sambalpuri cotton saris. These motifs and designes of sambalpuri cotton sari are deep symbolism, but the highpoint of these saris is the traditional craftsmanship of the 'Bandhakala' and the weavers of sambalpur, the Tie-dye art reflected in their intricate weave of the sambalpuri sari cotton sari. So these sambalpuri saris are very much popular in all over the world and every where women like to wear these sambalpuri cotton saris.

Famous Sambalpuri Cotton Saree Online

 Ikat cotton sari:  “Ikkat” is a very effective dyeing technique that produced very beautiful pattern on textiles. In ikat cotton sari manufacturing process the threads are dyed before weaving and both faces are essentially identical in appearance. So a beautiful pattern produced after dyeing. These Ikat cotton saris are mainly produced in Bargarh district of Odisha. Women very much like to wear these Ikat cotton saris.

 Bomkai cotton sari Bomkai Cotton sari is another very beautiful cotton sari that is very popular in Odisha. These Bomkai Cotton sari are mainly produced in Ganjam district of Odisha. These Bomkai Cotton sari are hand woven beautiful designed saris which are very much popular among ladies in Odisha.

Khandua cotton sari: Khandua Cotton saris are traditional "bandha" designed saris produced in Orissa. Mainly these Khandua Cotton saris are produced in Nuapatna, Cuttack district of Odisha. A special kind of Khandua named as “Kenduli Khandua” of 12 ft and 2 kani ( kani measures the length of a hand) is worn by  Lord Jagannath.

Sonepuri cotton sari: Sonepuri cotton sari is another beautiful sari produced ny skilled weavers of Sonepur district of Odisha. These saris are also very beautiful and very much liked by women in all over the Odisha.

These are some things about the very beautiful and important saris of Odisha.

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