Saturday, May 9, 2015

Famous Siminoi Pata Sari of Dhenkanal

Siminoi pata sari is very much famous sari in Odihsa. Women in odisha very much like to wear the siminoi pata sari in most of the special occasions. These are also some other saris are produced in siminoi which women like to use as daily use cloths, these saris are very much famous because of its low prices and the comfortable experience that it provide to users. Because of this not only in Odisha but also in other parts of India women like to wear these siminoi saris. 
Simonoi is a village in Dhenkanal district in Odisha, India. Here this village Siminoi is very much famous for its beautiful handloom saris. Here in this village there are many good skilful artist or handloom weavers are present those produced very fine handloom saris with beautiful designs and eye catching colours. The designes and colour combination of these siminoi saris are so impressive that women in all over the Odisha prefer to wear these Siminoi saris in special functions like festivals and pujas. In dhenkanal gaja laxmi puja is very much famous and people celebrate this function with full of joys. In old days in the gajalaxmi puja most of the women in dhenkanal wear the siminoi saris. On those days siminoi saris and sari weavers are very much popular in all over the Odisha, But now days there are very few weavers are present in siminoi village those are producing this traditional saris to maintain their culture and tradition.

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The process of manufacturing or producing these traditional siminoi pata saris are very much difficult and also very hard working, these saris are completely produced by hands of weavers or very simple tools, so it takes more time to produce a single piece of sari, so these weavers are not capable of producing more number of saris and selling it, because of this their earring are not very good, so most of the weavers concentrating on some another types of work for earning more money. Because of this reason these are very less among of people are present those are still producing these saris only for saving their culture. These people are facing many problems in weaving these saris but they want to save their culture of sari weaving at any cost.

These people are real heroes of society those are facing problems for saving their art, culture and traditions. We salute them and hope may government help them in saving their tradition.

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