Sunday, May 17, 2015

Famous Maheshwari Cotton Sari of Maheshwar, India

Maheshwar is a town in the state Madhya Pradesh in India. This town is very much popular for a special kind of sari, as these saris are produced here and made with cotton the name of the sari becomes Maheshwari Cotton Sari. These Maheshwari Cotton Sari are very much popular in all over the India and also women in other countries like to wear these Maheshwari Cotton Sari very much.

According to the legends origin of the Maheshwari saris are in 18th century, during the ruled period of Ahilyabai Holkar.  On that time state of Indore in Madhya Pradesh was ruled by Queen Ahilyabai Holkar, she ordered the craftsmen to design special 9-yard saris; those saris are famous with the name Maheshwari Cotton Sari. On those days Ahilyabai gifted the Maheshwari Cotton saris to her royal guests and relatives. It was believed that the first Maheshwari sari was designed by Ahilyabai itself.

Maheshwari Hand Woven Cotton Saree
This Maheshwari Cotton Sari is 9-yard long in length and very beautiful designs are made on it, so these saris are very much liked by women. Mostly women from royal families and reach families like to wear these saris in old days, but now every where these Maheshwari Cotton Sari are available and most of the women wearing these saris in functions and festivals.

The Maheshwari sari was made off with different types of materials. Initially pure silk are used to produce these saris, then in course of time, these saris began to be made in pure cotton and in latter time with a mixture of silk and cotton (silk yarn in the warp and cotton in the weft), Nowadays the production of Maheshwari sari being used in wool.

The colour of Maheshwari saris were initially made only in dark colours like red, maroon, black, purple and green, but today, these sarees are made in lighter colours and gold and silver threads are being made use of. So these saris are now days available in more varieties and in affordable prise, so most of the women in all over the world wearing these Maheshwari saris happily.      

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