Friday, May 15, 2015

Famous Baluchari Sari of India and Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh are those south Asian countries where most of the women like to wear different kinds of saris in day to day life. Here in these countries saris are traditional cloths of women from ancient times. Wearing saris is the tradition and culture of these people and also they like it very much. Baluchari Sari is one of the famous kinds of sari in India and also in Bangladesh. In both countries women like the Baluchari Sari very much.

These Baluchari Saris has been provided the status of Geographical indication in India. These Baluchari Saris are originated in Bengal and these are very much known for mythological scenes those are depicted on the pallu of the sari. The process of manufacturing the Baluchari Saris is very difficult and also time taking process. It takes approximately one week or more for producing single piece of the sari.

Famous Baluchari saree of India
The process of producing Baluchari sari is divided into several parts like: Cultivation of cocoons, Processing of yarns, Motif making, weaving. This process is very lengthy and very difficult, the weavers need to do very hard work for producing these Baluchari Saris.  As the pallu of the Baluchari Saris contents mythological scenes from Mahabharat and Ramayana, it is takes long time to design the Pall, But because the pallu these Baluchari Saris becomes very popular, so still those weavers producing Baluchari Saris giving special treatment to the pallu of the sari.

As these Baluchari saris were very difficult and times taking in producing and very skilful workers are needed to produce it, these Baluchari saris are very costly. Only reach peoples can afford the prise of these saris. Mostly the women of upper class families and Zamindar households are afforded the prise of these saris and the women of these families wear these saris during festive occasions and weddings. Now days the popularity of these saris are very huge, most of the women like to wear these saris in special occasions.

So these are some gossip about the famous Baluchari Sari of India and Bangladesh.

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