Friday, May 8, 2015

Beautiful Palm Leaf art of Odisha

Odisha’s handicraft workers are very much skilful and very much creative; these people are very much efficient in producing very good arts and crafts by using very common ordinary raw materials. The artist and handicraft makers of Odisha, created many beautiful arts and valuable handicraft products by using very common materials, “palm leaf art” is one of the great example of it.  

Let’s discuss some things about very famous palm leaf art of Odiash.

The palm leaf art is basically paintings made in palm leaf. In old days very skilled artists of Odisha use palm leaf for doing very good and very attractive paintings. These is a village in Odisha named as “Raghurajpur”, here each family and each people are artist. We can consider this village as artistic village this village is very much famous for ‘pattachitra painting’. Most of the people of this Raghurajpur village are engaged in art work, these people worship art as god. Here people do pattachitra paintings on palm leaf, which are very much attractive and eye catching art pieces.

Beautiful Patachitra Painting on Palm Leaf available online
The themes of Pattachita paintings are very much inspired by Hindu gods and especially from Lord Jagannath and Vaishnava culture. Different activities of Hindu gods are shown by the pattachitra paintings. As Indian people are very much religious and believe in god so they like the painting in which they see their gods. So pattachita paintings are very much famous in all over the India. Now days also tourist those are visiting India they see these arts and like the fine work of these paintings. We can say that Palm leaf art is one form of pattachitra painting. The other name of Palm leaf pattachitra is “Tala Pattachitra” in Oriya language the meaning of Tala is Plan.

The process of producing palm leaf pattachitra is first of all palm leaves are left for becoming hard after being taken from tree. After that, the palm leafs are sewn together to form like a canvas shape. Then the images of Hindu gods are traced by using black or white ink to fill grooves etched on rows of equal-sized panels of palm leaf that are sewn together. After that some fine arts are produced from very simple palm leafs, this shows the skills and effectiveness of odia artist.   

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