Monday, May 18, 2015

Beautiful Konrad Sari of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the most important states in India. This state Tamil Nadu lies in the southernmost part of the Indian. Chennai is the capital and largest city of this state Tamil Nadu. The people of Tamil Nadu are very religious and very much obey the culture and traditions. These Tamil peoples are very much believed in god and temples and the Tamil people maintain their culture and traditions.

The women of Tamil Nadu like to wear traditional cloths like saris. Here there are many traditional saris are present but Konrad is very important and very popular sari in Tamil Nadu and in other parts of south India. These Konrad saris are very much popular because of the traditional affluence of these saris and because of the usage of excellent fabrics in saris. These saris are very much qualitative and well designed saris, so most of the women like to wear these Konrad saris in different functions and in day to day life also.   

Konrad saris of Tamil Nadu
These Konrad saris have wide borders and the borders are embellished with very beautiful designs. Mainly the range of the border from 10-14cm wide and very beautiful colour added to it. Traditionally the Konrad saris are available in traditional colors like earth shades of browns, grays and off-whites. And very beautiful motifs like elephants and peacocks, symbolizing water, fertility and fecundity are created on the Konrad saris that make unique these Konrad saris from other saris. Now days these are many new motifs and brighter shades or colours Konrad saris are available for the buyers.

These Konrad saris are not only popular in south India or in India. These Konrad saris are very much popular in all over the world, every where women like to wear these Konrad saris very much. These are many Indian textile exporters and other online shopping sites those are now days providing Konrad saris in different countries in all over the globe. 

So these are some things about the traditional Konrad saris of Tamil Nadu.  

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