Sunday, May 3, 2015

Beautiful Gota sari of Rajasthan

Saris are the traditional garment in India, these are many verities of sari are available in each parts of India or in other words you find some special kind of sari in different parts of India. Theses saris are unique and different from other saris of other areas. Theses saris are very much influenced by the local culture and tradition of the place where it produced; it is also affected by the climate of that place, geographical location and other factors. Mainly the design and colour scheme of the saris are according to choice of the peoples who are using it.

One of the fine saris of India is Gota sari. These saris are mostly found in Rajasthan (A state of India). The gota sari is a work of Indian embroidery that originated in Rajasthan a state of India. This Gota sari embroidery uses the appliqué technique that makes this sari very beautiful. And also small pieces of zari ribbon are applied onto the fabric, which makes these saris more attractive. The edges sewn down to create elaborate patterns, women in all over the world like these patterns very much. Gota embroidery is used extensively in India for creating wedding cloths and formal clothes.

Famous Gota Sarees of Rajasthan
In old days real gold and silver metals were used in gota embroidery to embroider the beautiful saris and other products but now days the gold and silver replaced by copper coated with silver. Because the genuine way of making the gota products was very expensive and now days all people can’t afford it. Now days there are also more inexpensive options available which decreases the production cost of the gota products. As example the copper has been replaced by polyester film which is further metalized and coated to suit requirements so this is more beneficial for both manufacturer and consumer. This is also highly durable because it has a good resistance to moisture and does not tarnish as opposed to metal based Gota, So it known as Plastic Gota. So these are some discussion about a fine product of Rajasthan.  

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