Friday, May 1, 2015

Beautiful Assam Silk and Saris Weaving

Silk: We consider Silk as a natural protein fiber, which can be woven into textile products in various forms. Mainly Fibroin is composed the protein fiber of silk and produced certain insect larvae to form cocoons. These cocoons are plays very important role in silk manufacturing. Mulberry silkworm is the best silkworm, which are producing very good kind of silk. Due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fibre the appearance of silk is like shimmering. This allows silk cloth to refract incoming sunlight at different angles, so this is produced in different colours.

Assam silk: there are mainly three major types of indigenous wild silks are produced in Assam. Those are:
  •      Golden Muga silk.
  •     White Pat silk.
  •      Warm Eri silk.

Nowadays the Assam silk industry, becomes the centred in Sualkuchi, as a labour-intensive industry, this industry provides employment to the people of Assam and help them in maintaining a good life. 

Famous Muga Silk Sarees of Assam

Muga silk:  Muga silk are produced by the silkworm known as “Antheraea assamensis endemic”. The muga silk products are very much liked by people in all over the world, so it is very profitable for the weavers. The larvae of these moths feed on som (Machilus bombycina) and sualu (Litsaea polyantha) leaves. After that those silk produced which are very glossy and fine texture and long durability silk. To extract the pure silk it need to be hand-washed, its lustre increasing after every wash. After getting the pure silk, skilful weavers made very beautiful handloom saris from this silk and export those saris to various countries.

Pat silk: These types of silk are produced by “Bombyx textor” silkworms. These Bombyx textor silkworms are feed on mulberry leaves. These silk are usually brilliant white or off-white in colour. Indian master handloom weavers create very fine handloom saris from these silk, those are very much liked by women in all over the globe.

Eri silk:  Another kind of silk is Eri silk, this is made by “Samia cynthia ricini” these Samia cynthia ricini are feed on leaves of Castor oil plant. These are also known as ‘Endi’ or ‘Errandi’ silk. This silk is also popularly in the name ‘non-violent silk’. This silk is soft and warm and is popular as shawls and quilts. Due to this features people like these types of silk and purchase various products made by these types of silk. 

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