Monday, April 6, 2015

Clothing’s of Indian peoples

India is a big country and this country is very much rich in culture and traditions. Here people like to wear cloths very much, especially in special occasions like festivals or cultural programs they like to wear their traditional dress and very good and stylish cloths. Clothing stylish in India varies from region to region depending on the geographical area. According to geography, climate, cultural and traditions of the area people of different area or regions, their dressing style or clothing differed. Basically, men and women clothing are different from each other Indian women mostly like to wear Saree where as men like to wear kurta. There are many other dresses are available for Indian people which they like to wear. India is a country which is full of festivals and cultural programs so these Indian people wear different stylish clothes in different festivals, according to the festival these Indian people wear the cloths those match to the festival, for every festival there are some special designed clots are present according to the tradition of India.    

Indian women like to wear sarees 

Basically Indian women like to wear Saree in most of the times by some other dressing stylish of Indian women are:-    
In Rajastan and Gujarat the Ghagra Choli or a Lehenga Choli is the traditional clothing of women. Here women like to wear these cloths.   
Salwar is a generic description of the lower garment incorporating the Sindhi suthan, Dogri pajamma and the Kashmiri suthan these are very much liked by Indian women.      
Churidaar is one of version of salwar, which is loose up to knees and then fits the calf below. A salwar is a baggy pyjama with pleats which gets narrow at the ankles whereas churidaar fits below the knees with horizontal gathers near the ankles this types of cloths are very much popular in India.  
Mundum Neriyathum is the oldest remnant of the ancient form of the Saree which covered only the lower part of the body, a traditional dress of women in Kerala.        

Like women, men also like to wear different types of clothes; traditional clothes are the Sherwani, Lungi, Kurta and Dhoti or Paijama. So these are some clothing’s those Indian people like to wear. 

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  1. Mysore Silk Sarees were always a fantasy to me. They look so elegant and beautiful.