Thursday, April 16, 2015

Benefits of Samalpuri Saree Weavers for online shopping

Sambalpuri Saree is one of the best kinds of Saree manufactured in Odisha, India. These Sambalpuri Saree is made from fabric woven on a hand-loom and is popular throughout India. Also in outside of India people like these Saree, These are many Varieties of this Sambalpuri Saree are present, some of the examples are:- Sonepuri Saree, Pasapali Saree, Bomkai Saree, Barpali Saree, and Bapta Saree, these are in high demand in all over the world. Most of the Saree have been named after their places of origin and are popularly known as Pata. These pata saree are very much famous for its paintings on the Saree. Paintings on Tussar Saree depicting Mathura Vijay, Raslila and Ayodhya Vijay owe their origin to ‘Raghurajpur patta paintings’. These paintings are very beautiful and attract the customers, so demand of these sambalpuri Saree are very huge in all over the globe.

                      Sambalpuri Saree available for Online Shopping                                
Due to this demand of this sambalpuri Saree in outside of the country people started exporting Saree from Odisha to other countries like USA, Australia, and England etc countries. These people who are exporting these Sambalpuri Saree are called Exporters of these Saree. These people are playing an important role for the development of this textile industry of sambalpuri Saris. Nowadays the work of these people is becomes very easier due to the evaluation of online shopping technology.
Also the weavers of the Sambalpuri Saree are getting many benefits from this online shopping technology, some of the benefits are:

1.   Weavers get more customers so they sell more Saree and earn more money.
2.   They get good prices for their product.
3.   Exporters collect the Saree from their villages so the weavers have free from the duty of    transporting the Saree from their village to town.
4.   Through online shopping the popularity of these weavers increases, so get more benefits.

So these are some ways how the Sambalpuri Saree Weavers get benefits from onli9ne shopping Technology. 

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