Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Brief Description of Indian handicraft

India is a big country where many peoples of different culture and community are leaving together in peaceful manner. In India many skilled artist are present who create many beautiful art pieces from ordinary things by using very simple tool and their hand. These art pieces are known as handicrafts, because the Indian skilled artist made these products by hand then its name suggested Indian handicrafts. There are many community and cultures are present In India so there are many handicraft forms are also available, each trivial, community having their own style on producing these handicrafts. Some more popular handicrafts of India are:

Gujarati handicrafts      
Gujarat is well known for its beautiful textile products. Rajasthan is another state present near to it, the two states share similarities in culture and identity. Handicrafts of both states are having many similarities. Bandhani a unique Gujarati handicraft, fabric is tied at different sections before dying to create patterns and producing beautiful textile products. Conch shell and shellac bangles are other types of crafts made by artists in this region.

South Indian crafts

Handicrafts present in south part of India are known as south Indian crafts. The diversity of religious beliefs has had a great impact on the crafts of Southern India. The region has seen the rule of various empires such as the Mughal, Portuguese, Dutch, French and British. Each has left their mark of style on traditional crafts. The craft industry of South India has established itself commercially in the nation, whilst reflecting a long history of foreign rule. In the stone crafts of south India we can feel this influence of French, British etc.

Handcrafted patachitra art on sarees available online

Odisha handicrafts

Odisha is another of India where very good handicrafts are present, some of crafts are:
i.            Dhokara art of Dhenkanal
ii.         Tarakasi art of Cuttack (tarakasi is a art of producing beautiful things in silver).
iii.      Pattachitra art of Puri (pattachitra is atraditional painting technique, here these skilled artist are producing good painting of Lord Jagannath and other Hindu gods in a cloth)

These are some arts or handicrafts of India, these are many other are present.

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