Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why Indian women always prefer to wear handloom sarees?

India is a country which is full of traditions and cultures. From this traditional and cultural point of view Indian women always like to wear or always prefer to wear handloom sarees. Now days in new fashion or in new triad many modern Indian girls and women’s are using modern dress but still 85% Indian women’s prefer to wear handloom sarees. And other 20% must be wear Indian handloom sarees in some special occasions.

As India is a country which is always full with the tradition, culture and religions. In India several religions are present in different parts of the country. In every part of this country India there are some different culture and religion people are present. And according to their tradition, culture and religion their appearance differs. As example i
India is a big country united with 29 states but in all 29 states people having different types of life style according to their culture. But in every culture wearing saree is same in every part of India women’s are like to wear Indian handloom sarees. Because, Indian women always like to follow the culture and tradition of our country. So demand of Indian handloom sarees are very much in all over the world.

Handcrafted Patachitra Saree of India

Sari made of six to nine yards and you drape the saree with different styles according to your culture and your choice. Most probably the women love to wear the saree in simple ways with blouse and choli. In Punjab the traditional dress is Salwar Kameez and in Rajasthan the traditional dress is Gagra and choli(lehenga). In south India the traditional dress is Mundum Neriyathum but most women prefer to wear different types of handloom saree like silk saree, cotton saree etc. In Maharashtra the women wear the kaccha style saree and in Gujarat the palu saree will always preferred by women.

Now in these current days many India families are living in different countries like America, London, Paris, China, Canada, Italy and many others. These Indian women are not always getting Indian handloom sarees to wear, but in special occasions like festivals and in any functions they love to wear Indian handloom sarees.

Sarees are very much comfortable to wear and many attractive designes and colors are available so this is also another reason behind the liking of handloom sarees of Indian woman.

So these are some reasons why Indian woman’s like Indian handloom sarees.

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