Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why Indian grooms like to wear kurta at the time of marriage

In the world, there are three basic needs of humans first one is food, then second one is cloth and then third one is shelter. Every human being requires these three things for surviving. And people love these things very much. People every day using these things and in different geographical area different peoples are using different types of cloths, food and shelters according to their culture and tradition.  People love wear special designed dresses and good food at their festivals and functions. In everywhere in the world in different countries and regions having their own culture and tradition and because of these culture and traditions people wear different types of dress and cook different types of food in some special occasions like festivals, marriage functions and other functions. Especially in marriage functions people like to wear good and attractive dress according to their tradition and culture. Most of Christine families wear formal suits in their marriage functions, like that in India there is many Hindu families are living so they love to wear Indian style clothes in their marriage functions, especially Indian grooms like to wear kurta in their marriage function.

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Hindu peoples are very much religious and they are very conscious about their culture and traditions. There are many functions or events are celebrated in India and these Indian people happily celebrate all functions. In India marriage is a very important function, hear not only two peoples are being together but two families are involved with each other forever. So this function is very important for these Indian peoples and them celebrating this function with heart full of joy. In this special occasion Indian grooms like wear kurta because of the old tradition of India. And another reason is Indian skilled workers are designing or doing many attractive designs in kurta those very much attractive, and gives a special look. So in their marriages grooms are always like to wear kurta.     

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