Friday, March 27, 2015

Traditional handloom silk sarees of Odisha

Odisha is a state which is very much reach in cultures and traditions. People of Odsha very much like their traditional thing especially like cloths and foods. Thesr are many variety of traditional sares available at Odisha. These are:-  Sambalpuri Saree, Sonepuri Sari or Bomkai Sari, Khandua saree also kanown as Maniabandi or Kataki etc.  

Sambalpuri saree is a traditional handwoven saree which is called shadi by local peoples. where in the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving. These saree are processed in some districts like Bargarh, sonepur, balangir, Boudh.. The saree are the traditional female garment in not only Odisha in all over the India, in other states also women like to wear sarees. Especially they like to wear these sumbalpuri saris because of the fine design and beutifu color of these sarees. These Sambalpuri sarees are also known for their incorporation of traditional designs of like shankha (shell), chakra  (wheel), phula (flower), etc are symbols made these sarees unique. But the high point of these sarees that made these sarees very popular is its traditional craftsmanship the Tie-dye art in the reflected in these sarees so people not only in Odisha but also in all over the world like these sarees and want to wear these in special occasions.

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Like sambalpuri sarees sonepuri sarees or Bomkai sarees are also very much famous. Thes Sonepuri Sari or Bomkai Sari is produced by the “Bhulia” community. These Bhulia community peoples are lived in Subarnapur district of Odisha, India. the sonpuri sarees those are very much famous in the name Bomkai saree are originally produced in the Bomkai village which is located in Ganjam district of Odisha.  Sonepuri paatas and silk sarees are popular items displayed at various fashion shows in all over the world.

Khandua (Also Maniabandi or Kataki) is a traditional "bandha" or ikat saree produced in Odisha. Khandua is traditionally red or orange in color. The red color is prepared naturally from the shorea robusta. So the design and color of these sares are very famous.

So these are some famous handloom silk saree produced in Odisha.  

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